5 Best Oven Safe Cookware Reviews With Buying Guide For 2024

Switching your recipe from the stovetop to the oven is common among home and professional chefs.

However, not all cookware can handle the oven temperature. If your cookware is not oven safe, it can warp or melt the handles when you move from the stovetop to the oven.

You need to be careful with the type of cookware you put in the oven. While some cookware are labeled as oven safe, they also have a temperature limit. Choosing the best oven safe cookware should not be hard task because I am here to help you.

Read on to find everything you should know about oven safe cookware and the top recommended models.

How To Know Your Cookware Is Oven Safe?

You need to determine if the cookware is oven safe before you put it in the oven. If you put a cookware that is not oven safe in the oven, the cookware can get damaged. It can also damage the oven or result in fire. The following are some tips that can help you know if a cookware is oven safe.

  • Check if the cookware has an oven safe mark at the bottom. Many manufacturers indicate whether the cookware is oven safe.
  • Check if the cookware has Teflon coating and the ideal temperature the manufacturer has recommended for the cookware.
  • Is the cookware made of wood or plastic parts not ideal for oven use?
  • Identify the cookware's material because various materials have different reactions to heat.
  • Are the cookware handles oven safe or detachable?
  • Are the cookware lids oven safe?

What Types Of Cookware Materials Are Oven Safe

There are different cookware materials, and the material determines if it is oven safe or not. Some materials like plastic and wood should not be used in the oven. Below are some cookware materials that are oven safe.


Metals can go into the oven, but not all of them since some of them react chemically under higher temperatures. Stainless steel is the best material for the oven because it has great thermal conductivity. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant, unlike other metals. 


You can use ceramic cookware in the oven if the cookware is not glazed or has an adhesive design. Always check if the manufacturer has stated if the cookware is oven safe.


Silicone material can withstand high temperature in the oven and microwave for up to 450 degrees F.


Not all glass materials are oven safe. Some of them cannot withstand heat. If a glass is oven safe, then you need proper care. Do not remove it from the oven and place it directly in cold water because it will get damaged.

Our Overall Best Choice Is: Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

  • 1.5 X more durable nonstick surface than Calphalon Classic cookware.
  • Strong hard-anodized aluminum construction for precise heat distribution.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 500 degrees F.
  • Durable and long stainless steel handles.
  • Metal-utensil safe nonstick interior.
  • Our Selected 5 Best Oven Safe Cookware - Comparison

    Things To Consider When Buying Oven Safe Cookware

    How do you choose oven safe cookware and how can you tell cookware is oven safe? Before you decide which oven safe cookware is right for you, it is great to check the following considerations.

    Cookware Components:

    A pan can be oven safe while its components like the lid and the handle are not. Even if the lids are oven safe, they are to a certain temperature. Therefore, you need to determine if you just want to warm food or cook in the oven.

    Cookware with rubber, plastic, and wood components are not ideal for oven. These materials can burn if you subject them to high oven temperatures. They can also release toxic fumes. Quality oven safe cookware should be made of materials like stainless steel, cast iron, or copper.

    How Much Oven Temperature Can It Withstand?

    Oven safe cookware sets are designed differently, and they have varying temperatures ranges they can withstand. Therefore, you should choose the best one depending on your needs. A cookware with a higher oven safe temperature is better because it minimizes the chances of melting or warping.

    Another thing you should check is the nonstick coating. If your cookware has Teflon coating, then you should not subject it to temperatures above 500 degrees F.

    Handles And Lids:

    When buying oven safe cookware, choose cool-touch handles with rivets. This makes it easy to hold the handles when cooking without feeling uncomfortable. Most of the oven safe cookware has handles that can withstand heat up to 350 degrees F.

    When selecting the lids, choose tempered glass lids or stainless steel lids. Avoid lids that have plastic knobs because they melt easily when subjected to high temperatures. 


    Some cookware sets are easy to clean after use, while others can be tough. For instance, carbon steel and cast iron require seasoning. If you need dishwasher-safe cookware, stainless steel and cast iron are the best material. Therefore, consider washing the cookware with your hands or a dishwasher to get the most suitable. 

    Cookware Material:

    The cookware material determines how durable it is. It should also be strong enough to serve for many years, apart from being oven safe. In addition, the material determines if the cookware is oven safe. Choose cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or enamel cast iron if you need durable cookware. Ensure that the material can handle oven temperature up to 400 degrees F.


    The last thing you want is to buy non reactive cookware. It will affect the taste of your food, and it can emit toxins. Check and ensure the cookware you choose does not react with acidic foods. Materials like aluminum can react with food, and can be unhealthy.


    Of course, the price also determines the type of cookware you get. The price varies from one brand to the other depending on the features, number of pieces, and the material. Know your budget first to help you buy the right oven safe cookware.

    Recommended Best Oven Safe Cookware Reviews

    Chefs understand that not all cookware is safe for oven use. For a cookware to be oven safe, it should withstand temperatures at least 400 degrees F, and the higher, the better. Check our in-depth reviews and guide to pick the most suitable oven safe cookware.

    1. Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

    Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

    Purchasing a cookware that you can use on the stovetop and the oven is a great deal. The Calphalon Signature is a perfect addition to any kitchen. The hard-anodized cookware allows you to finish your cooking in the oven. The cookware can withstand oven temperature of up to 500 degrees F.

    This cookware features a durable nonstick interior that doesn’t warp, scratch or produce toxic fumes when you put in the oven. It also features heavy-gauge aluminum construction to provide even heating for perfectly cooked meals. The cookware is more durable than the standard nonstick cookware.

    The nonstick surface is PFOA-free and it is tough enough to handle metal utensils every day. The stainless steel handles are stay-cool so they resist heat when cooking on the stovetop. Cleaning the cookware is easy and fast because they are dishwasher safe. It has tempered glass lids to provide easy food monitoring and retain the food’s flavor.

    Who Should Use This Product?

    If you need something compatible with gas, glass, electric, and halogen stovetops, you should use this cookware. It is also your ideal cookware if you like searing your recipes in the oven. The cookware set is great if you want metal utensil safe pans and pots that can handle daily use. While the cookware is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended. 

    Why Calphalon Signature Is Our Top Choice?

    This durable cookware provides cooking versatility since you can directly take it from the stovetop to the oven. Apart from its superior cooking performance, the oven safe cookware is designed to last longer. The nonstick coating is durable and provides effortless food removal for easy cleanups. It is also made with safe and chemical-free materials. We also love the long handles that remain cool on the stovetop for a safe cooking experience. 


    • Non-breakable glass lids
    • The handles remain cool on the stovetop
    • Superior nonstick surface
    • Even distribution of heat for better cooking performance 
    • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
    • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
    • The pans and pots are metal utensil safe


    • Iron grated gas stoves can tear the bottoms
    • The inside of the cookware scratches easily
    • Great cookware but heavy to lift with one hand

    2. All-Clad D3 10-Piece Stainless Cookware Set

    All-Clad D3 10-Piece Stainless Cookware Set Review

    If you use the oven often, you need an oven safe cookware made of strong materials. Enjoy professional cooking performance with All-Clad stainless steel cookware made in the USA. The 10-piece set is oven safe up to 600 degrees F. The cookware provides versatile cooking because it is compatible with all cooktops, even induction. In addition, it is broiler safe.

    The All-Clad cookware brags of superior tri-ply construction. It has aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. This construction promotes even heat distribution and durability. This makes the cookware suitable for searing, simmering and sautéing.

    The cookware has stainless steel handles that offer a comfortable grip when cooking and give the cookware a stylish look. The cookware is made of quality stainless steel that can last for many years. It doesn’t tarnish or warp compared to other cookware. It has stainless steel lids and straight edge sides for enhanced longevity.

    It has stainless steel interior with natural stick resistance for easy food removal. Cleaning the oven safe cookware is easy, and handwashing is recommended instead of using the dishwasher. Use some mild detergent, a sponge, and water to clean the cookware. After cleaning, the cookware maintains its mirror-like finish.

    Who Should Use This Product?

    If you love stainless steel cookware, this is your preferred option. The top-quality cookware has a double mirror-polished stainless steel construction for improved cooking performance. It conducts heat evenly, and the cooking surface doesn’t react with your food. The cookware is not nonstick, so some foods like eggs can stick. However, the food doesn’t take the metallic taste.  

    Why All-Clad Is Our Top Choice?

    This cookware is our top choice because it is recommended for professional and home use. It is one of the most durable cookware made of stainless steel construction. It works well on all stovetops, and it is oven and broiler safe. The try-ply construction provides durable use and even heat distribution for superb cooking results. It provides superior cooking performance and allows cooks of all kills to achieve their best. The cookware is also covered by All-Clad’s limited life warranty.


    • Releases food easily without sticking
    • The cookware has durable construction
    • It is compatible with all cooktops, broiler-safe, and oven safe
    • The interior does not react with your food
    • It is well made and lasts longer
    • Provides professional-grade cooking
    • Comfortable stainless steel handles 


    • The handle cracks easily
    • Complaints of poor customer service
    • The cookware is not dishwasher safe but not recommended

    3. Mauviel M200B 12 Piece Copper Cookware Set

    Mauviel M200B 12 Piece Copper Cookware Set Review

    Copper cookware provides the best thermal conduction and even distribution of heat. They also have a nice color that makes your kitchen look appealing. The Mauviel is amazing copper cookware that can handle oven temperature up to 680 degrees F.

    The 12-piece cookware includes essential pans and pots that you need for daily cooking. They are made of 2mm thick copper construction and stainless steel interior to provide superb cooking. The cookware handles are made of bronze, and they have an attractive look. The handles have stainless steel rivets for durability.

    This cookware has copper lids with bronze handles, and they seal in moisture perfectly when cooking. The pans and pots are compatible with all stovetops like gas, halogen, electric, oven, but they are not induction compatible. The cookware's interior is made of stainless steel and retains the nutritional qualities of your foods. Additionally, it is easy to clean.

    Who Should Use This Product?

    The France-made cookware can be a great addition to your kitchen. The combination of copper and stainless steel provides excellent heat conduction for even cooking. The cookware is not only attractive but also durable. It works well with all cooktops and oven, but it is not suitable for induction. This cookware also comes at a relatively high price but its performance covers that.

    Why Mauviel M200B Is Our Top Choice?

    This cookware is recommended if you need the best heat conduction. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and this cookware assures you of even heat distribution on all the surfaces. The interior is made of food-grade stainless steel to provide a reliable cooking surface without sticking. This makes cleaning easy. It is designed with tight-fitting lids and comfortable handles to give a secure grip. 

    If you don’t have a problem spending more money on attractive and durable cookware, get the Mauviel and transform your cooking.


    • Interior is easy to clean and nonreactive 
    • Provides better heat conductivity
    • It is made with durable bronze handles
    • The cookware carries a lifetime warranty
    • The cookware lasts for many generations


    • The cookware is not induction safe
    • It comes at a high price

    4. T-fal Signature Nonstick Dishwasher Safe 12-Piece Cookware Set

    T-fal Signature Nonstick Dishwasher Safe 12-Piece Cookware Set Review

    Buying versatile cookware can save you money as compared to purchasing individual items. You can use the T-fal Signature cookware on your cooktop and directly to your oven to finish your cooking. The cookware is oven safe up to 350 degrees F. Like other T-fal cookware, it has a thermos-spot technology that lets you know when the cookware is preheated.

    The pans and pots have a durable nonstick interior that promotes healthy cooking. You need to use less oil, and your food doesn’t stick. This provides effortless cleanup after cooking. Additionally, the cookware is dishwasher safe. The nonstick surface is scratch-resistant, and it can withstand frequent use without damages.

    The pans and pots have ergonomically designed handles to provide a comfortable and secure grip. These handles are oven safe up to 350 degrees F. It comes with vented tempered glass lids that retain moisture when cooking for flavorful dishes.

    Who Should Use This Product?

    If you are serious about healthy cooking, this oven safe cookware is suitable for you. It has a quality nonstick surface that requires only a little cooking oil. The cooking surface is free from cadmium, lead and PFOA. The cookware also works with any type of cooktop apart from induction. Cleaning is easy because it provides easy food removal and is dishwasher safe. You can also safely from your stovetop to the oven without worrying about damaging the nonstick coating.

    Why T-fal Signature Is Our Top Choice?

    Finding nonstick cookware that is also oven safe can be tough. Most of them release toxic fumes and damage the nonstick surface if you put them in the oven. The T-fal cookware is made of a strong and durable material applicable to all stovetops except induction. It can also handle oven temperature if you need to finish your cooking in the oven. It heats up evenly, and this provides excellent cooking. With the thermos spot indicator, you can tell when your pan or pot is preheated and ready to start cooking.


    • Made of safe and healthy nonstick surface 
    • Aluminum construction for easy heating
    • Dishwasher and oven safe 
    • The cookware is easy to maintain 
    • Great quality cookware at an affordable price


    • The red sticker comes off easily
    • The cookware deforms after a few uses
    • Bottoms scratch easily

    5. YANXUAN Stainless Steel Cookware Set 8-Piece

    YANXUAN Stainless Steel Cookware Set 8-Piece Review

    Upgrade your kitchen with the YANXUAN Stainless Steel Cookware. It is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 550 degrees F. The glass lids are oven safe up to 400 degrees F. You can cook your food on the stovetop and in the oven with this cookware. Moreover, it is freezer-safe if you need easy storage.

    It boasts of a 3-ply construction on the base to provide unmatched heat conductivity. The heavy-duty construction has a pure aluminum layer in between two layers of stainless steel. You can achieve faster cooking and save energy because of the quick heat distribution. The cookware is compatible with all cooktops, including gas, induction, infrared, electric, and ceramic.

    Cook comfortably and safe with the riveted handles that offer a sturdy and easy grip. The stainless steel handles provide excellent durability and stay cool on the stovetop for a comfortable grip. Therefore, you don’t risk holding hot handles that can burn your hands.

    The cookware is purely stainless steel and doesn’t have a nonstick coating. The steel has its natural stick resistance for easy cooking and cleaning. No worries about PTFE, PFOA, and toxic fumes. The inside of the cookware has clear measure marks to help you measure the right volume. Therefore, you don’t need an extra measuring cup.

    Monitor your meals easily as they cook with the tempered glass lids. The lids are made of 5mm thick arched glass, creating more cooking space. The covers fit tightly and seal in moisture to provide nutritious, healthier and flavorful meals. The rims of the cookware are drip-free to prevent messes when pouring.

    Who Should Use This Product?

    If you don’t want to stress about poor quality nonstick surfaces on cookware, this cookware is made for you. It doesn’t have a nonstick coating, and there are no risks. It works well if you need multi-purpose cookware that is compatible with all stovetops. If you also need just a few pieces of pots and pots in your kitchen, the 8-piece set is good for you. It only includes the essential items you need for everyday cooking.

    Why YANXUAN Is Our Top Choice?

    The cookware is a top choice because of its durability. It is made of premium quality stainless steel construction to provide long-lasting use. The bottom utilized impact-bonded technology to make it super durable. The 3-ply construction males the cookware provides even heating to save energy. Unlike other stainless steel cookware, the interior of the cookware doesn’t discolor or react with food. It uses its natural stick resistance without any chemicals.


    • Dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe
    • Convenient measuring marks on the inside
    • Tempered glass lids provide easy food monitoring
    • It is easy to clean
    • Scratch resistance and works with any cooking utensils
    • Attractive and great quality
    • They come in different sizes
    • Provide even heat distribution 


    • Food sticks because they are nonstick
    • They are not stain resistant 

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Q: What cookware is oven safe?

    A:A cookware is oven safe if it can handle at least 400 degrees F. Cookware made of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron have a higher oven safe rating because they can withstand a minimum temperature of 500 degrees F.

    Q: Are ceramic nonstick cookware oven safe?

    A: Many ceramic nonstick cookware are oven safe. Regardless of the material, most nonstick cookware can withstand heat from 350 degree F to 500 degrees F. However, you should not put pans with Teflon coating to temperatures above 500 degrees F.

    Q: Can I put stainless steel cookware in the oven?

    A: Stainless steel cookware is safe to use in the oven if the handles are oven safe too. You can use stainless steel cookware for baking, but they are not ideal for broiling because the high temperatures can degrade the nonstick coating. 

    Final Verdict

    Those are the cookware that you can put in the oven. It will be easier for you to make an informed choice with the information above. We have reviewed each cookware in detail to help you pick the most suitable for your needs. If I were to recommend oven safe cookware, my choice would be the Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware. The cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. It is made of a nonstick surface that is 1.5x durable than the Calphalon Classic cookware. Its hard-anodized construction provides even heat distribution for precise cooking.