What Is A Steam Juicer And How to Use A Steam Juicer

Are you thinking of buying a steam juicer? Before you buy the juicer, it is good to have some have background information about the juicer, its features and how it works. A steam juicer provides a low-tech method of juice extraction from fruits and vegetables.

It produces little pulp, juices fast and it is easy to use. It also works well for juicing large quantities while providing concentrated juice. Let’s understand more about the juicer and how to use it the right way.

So What Is A Steam Juicer?

A steam juicer is also known as a steam extractor. It is a household kitchen utensil used for separating juice from berries, fruits, and some types of vegetables. The process of separating the ingredients is termed the steam juice extractor. It is used for basically storing harvest faster than it can be eaten when fresh.

A steam juicer uses steam to move gentle heat directly to the berries held above a boiling water pot in a prick basket. The process of steaming juice is a simple activity. However, the steamed juice comes out when it is much concentrated because there is an application of heat to produce juice from vegetables or fruits. 

The juicer is appropriate equipment to juice large or small plants of produce. The plants include; berries, plums, peaches, apples, tomatoes, and grapes. The crop can later be used in juice, jelly, liqueur, or even in cases of wine.  

Some products should never be put in a steam juicer. They include; broccoli, which contains high vitamin C content, so people perceive that it will put a lot of green in their juice. Other crops include; avocado, whole portions of apples, coconut, kales, pears, pineapples, and entire citrus segments. 

Pros And Cons Of Steam Juicers

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, so a steam juicer is not an exception. There are so many advantages that can make use desire to use to steam juice. Below are the pros and cons.

Large Quantity Juicing:

A steam juicer is the best option if you have significant production and amounts of juice extracts. The steam juice allows the removal of liquid from fruits all at once in cases when you cannot access fresh juice extract. 


The other advantage of a steam juicer is that extracting the juice allows the steam juicer to purify. Hence, it will enable the liquid or the end product to be stored and preserved for an extended period. 

Cheaper Option:

A steam juicer is a good deal for making jams and jellies. Having a steam juicer cuts costs because the method of extracting juice is cheaper than purchasing processed juice. Extracting juice from a steam juicer reduces costs to make canned or liquids in bottles. There are some excellent uses of steam juicers if you want them to produce juice to drink. 

Little Prep:

A steam juicer contains little preparation of the fruits. You are not required to peel, cut, pit, stalk the produce. You are required to wash the fruits and put them in the steam juicer. The stem juicer produces precise results of juice. If you need it, you can easily strain it for super clear liquid. A steam juicer operates to a high degree. It is fast when provided with low input. It appears easy than cooking down the fruit and straining it through a bag.

Concentrated Juice:

Because you are only getting juice steaming off some of the water that was added.The result you get is of a very concentrated juice. A steam juicer is straightforward to use; you can be in the kitchen performing other activities and still operating the steam juicer. You feel it with the fruits of your choice, turn on the flame and then observe it for 45 minutes to one hour. 


The most significant disadvantages of steam juicers are heat processing. In addition, steam juicers have a large pot and occupy a lot of storage space. 

How Does A Steam Juicer Work?

A steam juicer has excellent work; it extracts juices from a wide variety of different fruits. So it does not matter what kind of fruits you have; the steam juicer can assist you in turning it into wine or instead juice. 

A steam juicer operates by bursting the fruit and gathering it as juice as it candidly drains from the pulp. Next, the fruit is placed on a pan with spaces that consist of a lid. The pan then settles on top of the collector pan. All drop over a pan of boiling water which is being heated by the stove. 

When the water is boiling, the steam goes up through the opening collector pan to the fruit. As the process of the fruit breaks down to the mist, it frees the juice from the semi-fluid. The juice then falls through the penetrated holes into the collector pan. From there, the steam juicer allows you to drain the juice into your desirable place; you can drain it directly into your catalyst so you can start making the next portion of juice. 

Using a steam juicer is not hard because the equipment appears easy to use even after going through the manual. A steam juicer is a simple stack of nesting pots that settle on your stove. It contains a passage for pouring off the juice. 

There is a clip that holds in the juice until you allow it to pass. The top pot holds many quarts of the fruits; you are just required to add the fruit and slice the ones that cannot be extracted when complete. 

How To Know When Steam Juicer Is Done?

The question is exciting, and most people are always confused on how to know the steam juicer is done. The steam juicer has a transparent lid. It is placed there for you to see the condition of the fruit as it is being steamed. The visual inspection can tell if the fruit has any more to provide or if it has been spent. 

When you use the steam juice to process grapes, you will see that plump grapes are crushed into small particles in slow motion. All the grapes will settle at the bottom and create a flat layer of the outside. 

How To Use A Steam Juicer?

There are lots of methods for juicing fruits and vegetables. A steam juicer is one of the techniques. If you have enough space for storage, the steam juicer is the best for juice extraction. The steam juicer has three separate pots. 

The one at the bottom holds the water and makes the steam. The one located in the middle gathers the juice. The steam has a big funnel that links the moisture from the bottom to the top. The top place is where all the layer is positioned. 

The steam juicer has a lid, food basket, juice kettle, drain spout, tube, lid knob, handle, water pan, and clamp. All these tools added in the steam juicer have been used and are practically used to make juice. 

The steam begins to cook the fruit; the juice will pour down into the central place. There is a tube that is connected to the middle layer. The moment the juice begins to form, you open the fastener and let the juice run. 

When the fastener is tightly closed, it becomes difficult to have a mess. Any fruit will work in the steam juicer. The results vary depending on the type of fruit that was being extracted.

  • Juicing; you fill the pan with 3 quarts of water, which is assumed to be ¾ full, and position it on the burner with a medium-size over maximized heat. It would be best if you always were on the lookout to avoid running the juicer boil dry. 
  • You can make the juice sweetened with sugar or honey.  
  • Clear juice, to make a pulpy juice, do not touch or attempt to stir the plant in the food basket at the time of processing. 

How To Use A Steam Juicer For Grapes?

To make grapes using a steam juicer, you need fresh grapes, jar and lids, steamer juicer, and lid lifter. First, you fill the bottom part of the steam juicer with water and turn the heat on high degrees. As the process of making your grape juice continues, watch the water point in this bottom part to ensure it does not dry. Next, place the washed portions of grapes in the top part of the steam juicer. Finally, fill the basket to the end and put the lid. 

How To Use A Steam Juicer For Chokecherries?

When extracting chokecherries in a steam juicer, do not crush the seeds. They contain a cyanide-forming element that can cause sickness or death if consumed in large amounts. Instead, you partially cook or crush the cherries, then position them in a fine mesh jelly bag. The chokecherries are not that sweet, so you should add hoer or sugar when extracting the juice. 

How To Use A Steam Juicer For Apples? 

Fill the top section of the steam juicer with clean-cut apples and place the lid on top. Continue putting the apples into the entire basket. The apples will mix down and shrink as the juice is steamed out for consumption. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: What can you do with a steam juicer? 

A: A steam juicer can be an excellent method to juice big or small portions of plants. 

Q: Are steam juicers good? 

A: Yes, they are the best choices for people who love juice.

Q: How long does a steam juicer take to work? 

A: It takes about 20 minutes from the time you cover the filter till the last drop enters the jar.

Q: Does steam juicing destroy nutrients? 

A: During steam juicing, enzymes get lost, and the destruction of a few nutrients happen.

Q: Can you use a steam juicer to make jelly? 

A: Yes, it performs all jobs for you.

Q: How much water do you put in a steam juicer? 

A: The water should be approximately ¾ full of the pan.

Q: What is the purpose of a steam juicer? 

A: It is a common technological way to extract juice from fruit or vegetables.  

Q: Can you juice tomatoes in a steam juicer? 

A: Yes, a steam juicer works perfectly to juice tomatoes.


At this point, I believe you have an idea of what is a steam juicer and how to use it. This is an important kitchen appliance because it produces quality and concentrated juice. After juicing, use a soft cloth and warm water to clean a steam juicer.