How To Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? (Six Simple Steps Explained!)

Ninja blenders are essential kitchen helpers that are used for grinding, chopping, crushing, and blending various types of foods. Because of excessive or long-term use, the blades of your Ninja blender can get dull and compromise its performance.

That is why you should know how to sharpen Ninja blender blades to save you from the cost of replacing your blender. If you don’t know how to go about sharpening your blender blades, this article will help you acquire some knowledge.

We have given you a step by step guide to make your work easier. Since the blender blades are made of metal, it is easy and fast to sharpen them if you have the right tools.

Follow these few steps to sharpen the blades of your Ninja blender.

Six Easy Steps To Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades

Step 1: Unplug The Blender From The Electric Socket:

Safety should be your number one concern when sharpening your blender blades.

So, you need to disconnect the blender from the electric socket. If you start your work without unplugging the blender from the socket, you could fall victim of electric shock.

Make sure your hands are dry as you unplug the blender.

Step 2: Detach The Jar From The Blender Base:

After unplugging the blender, detach the blender jar. Remove the jar with great care to avoid breaking it or any other part of the blender. Blender jars are mostly made of glass or plastic.

If it is made of glass, you may need to be extra careful.  Keep the jar in a safe dry and clean the base before or after sharpening.    

Step 3: Remove The Blades From The Base:

Next, remove the blender blades from the base. You can check instructions on the user manual on how to take apart the Ninja blender blades.

Be careful when handling the blades because they may still be hazardous. It is impossible to sharpen the blades while they are still attached to the base.  

You can only effectively sharpen them when you remove them.  Detach one blade at a time placing them carefully on the table.

Step 4: Wash The Blades Carefully:

After detaching the blades and putting them separately, take each blade and wash thoroughly until clean.

You may need a small brush to brush the rusted parts, and a small towel to buff the blade after washing. 

Be very careful as you wash the blades, they can be sharp at the edges, and handling them carelessly could cause deep nasty cuts.

You can either use white vinegar to wash the blades or use soapy water. For more stubborn stains and dirt you may use water mixed with a polident tablet.

Washing the blades is not complicated, just make sure that the blades are clean and that you do not harm yourself.

Step 5: Sharpen The Blades:

This is the most crucial part of the task. You need to sharpen each blade at a time. You cannot sharpen all four blades at a time.

Therefore, take one blade at a time and use your sharpening plate or rod sharpen to your satisfaction. You will have to run the blade over the sharpening tool on all of its four sides.

After repeating this process for a while you can carefully run your finger over the edge of your blade and you will realize the blade is sharpened.

Again be careful when running your finger over to avoid cuts. Sharpen the remaining three in the same manner until you are satisfied with the results.

Wear protective gloves when sharpening the blades and also sharpening slowly and carefully, do not be in a

hurry. After you are done with the sharpening and are satisfied with the results, wash the blades again following step 4 and dry them using a dry towel.

Step 6: Reassemble Your Ninja Blender And Confirm The Blades Are Sharp:

After sharpening your blades you will need to confirm that the blades are sharp and efficient. The only way to confirm the sharpness of the blades is by reassembling the Ninja blender.

Plug it into electricity, and put ingredients in the ninja blender to confirm the sharpness of the blade. If the blender works better and grinds better than before, it means your efforts to sharpen the blades are triumphant.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

 Do Ninja Blender Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

The answer is yes, ninja blender blades need to be sharpened every once in a while. The Ninja blender blades can get dull over time due to overuse or if you put an ingredient that is hard to grind. So yes Ninja blender blades like any other blade will need to be sharpened and cleaned. There are tools such as sharpening plates and rods specifically made for sharpening the Ninja blender blades.   

How Long Does Ninja Blender Blade Last?

Ninja blender blades can last up to 3 years. Even when you use your Ninja blender every day, the blades can give you service for 2 to 3 years. The Ninja blender jar may crack or may need replacement way earlier that the blades. There have been some complaints on the website that the ninja blender blades do not last long, however, positive feedback about long-lasting blades outweighs the complaints. 

Does Salt Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades?

Yes, a salt rock can be used to sharpen the Ninja blender blades. A salt rock works like a sharpening tool. You can also rub salt into the blender blade edges slowly and carefully until you get your desired outcome. If your Ninja blender blades are dull and need sharpening and you do not have the sharpening tools, all you need to do is follow the steps of disconnecting the blades and then just rub some salt to sharpen.

Are Ninja Blenders Blades Worth It?

Yes, Ninja blender blades are worth it. they are strong and durable. It is easy to take them apart from the base, clean them and sharpen them. The Ninja blender blades can also withstand a lot of pressure. They work perfectly well whether you are blending hot or cold ingredients. They also grind the toughest of ingredients easily and faster for a longer period.

Do Ninja Blenders Blades Have A Warranty?

Yes, they do, all Ninja products come with a one-year warranty including the Ninja blender blades. From the date that you buy your Ninja blender from the vender or the manufacturer, your blender is covered up to one year warranty by the company. This means that in case your blender stops working or has a problem the company can always help you out or give you a different Ninja blender that is perfect.

Final Words 

A Ninja blender is an essential appliance that helps you prepare various foods in the kitchen. This is a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of ingredients. 

It features strong blades that grind and blend a variety of ingredients including the tough ones. The blades of your Ninja blender get dull with frequent use.

That is why the blades need sharpening to continue providing great services in your kitchen. After going through this article, I hope you have some tips on how to sharpen Ninja blender blades.