How To Clean Copper Pots And Pans

Copper pots and pans enhance the beauty of your kitchen. People like this cookware for its gorgeous look. But it needs special care to keep its shiny look. So, proper cleaning of copper pots and pans is necessary.

For this, you should learn how to clean copper pots and pans appropriately. All types of cleaning can hamper your copper cookware. You can use some cheaper ingredients available in your kitchen for cleaning purposes. Besides, follow some tips to make your job easier.

How To Clean Copper Pots And Pans

How To Clean Copper Pots

Copper pots are high shiny appliances to give an elegant look to your kitchen. As copper pots are not so good for our health, cleaning them in the right way is essential. But you cannot bring its shining back by usual cleaning. Let’s see which ingredients you need to clean a copper pot.

  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • Baking soda
  • Scrubber
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Dishwasher

How To Clean Old Copper Pots

Cleaning a more aged copper pot is not hard. You can use natural things to clean it. For this, take your pot and put some dishwasher inside it. Then take hot water inside the pan. Let it for 30 minutes. Now use a scrubber to remove the dirt. If you see that the pot is not shining correctly, you need to do additional steps.

Take some white vinegar inside the pot and sprinkle some salt. Then make the mixture hot by putting the pot on the stove. Then wash it clean water.

How To clean Copper Pots Bottom And Inside

You can clean your copper pots in several ways. Most of the methods work effectively. So, you can follow anyone from them. Besides, to keep your copper pots polished, you should use a copper cleaner or some natural ingredients such as salt and lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, etc. However, let’s clean your copper pots inside.

Using Salt And Lemon Juice

This method is for them who want shiny copper pots for a long time. Lemon and salt is a great combination that works very effectively on copper pots. To start the process, take a whole lemon and cut it in half. Now rub your copper pot with half lemon.

There is no need to use a sponge or other things to rub. To get a good result, you can take some salt with the lemon. But if you have some stubborn areas, you can try it in another way. Take some lemon juice and some salt. Then make a paste with these two. This powerful paste is beneficial to remove difficult stains within a short time.

After cleaning the stains, wash the pot with warm water. To clean the bottom of the pan, sprinkle a lot of salt on the bottom side. Then let it a few minutes. Now scrub the bottom with a half of lemon. Then wash it with clean and warm water.

Using Tomato Ketchup

Though ketchup is not a cleaning ingredient, it works well on copper. The cause is that it is acidic. You can use ketchup to make your old copper pots to a new one. Take some tomato ketchup on a clean cloth and then use it to rub the pan. Now, look at your copper pot. You may not expect such a result. Your pot is looking like a new one!

How To Clean Copper Pans

Copper pans are an excellent choice for your cooking purpose because it provides a high heat conductivity. Besides, the shiny look attracts people much. But you may face problem while cleaning you copper pans because the simple dishwasher is not enough to clean them. You will not get back the shiny look of copper pans with regular cleaning.

Cleaning your copper pans is not a hard job but different than other usual pan cleaning processes. However, you can use several things or follow several methods to clean your copper pans. Besides, the above cleaning processes of copper pots are also suitable for copper pans. Let’s see how to clean copper pans.

How To Clean Copper Pans Bottom And Inside

To clean the inside and outside of your copper pans, you can use lemon or vinegar with salt, ketchup method, or others. As I describe some ways that are also applicable to copper pans, let’s learn some other techniques.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cheap but amazing thing that helps you in many ways. You can use it for various cleaning purposes. However, it also works well on copper pans and pots. The appearance of copper pans enhances by using baking soda. To clean your pot naturally for every day, you can use the mixture of baking soda and lemon.

To clean your copper pans bottom and inside, sprinkle some baking soda inside and on the bottom side of the pan. Then rub it with soft cloth or sponge. Then wash it with hot water. If the pan has any burnt food, you can sink it in hot water. Then start the process. After that, wash the pan with clean water. It is better to use a dry cloth to make your pot dry quickly after washing.

Using Beer

It is unbelievable that beer helps you to clean your copper pans and pots. Beer is also acidic. So, when you pour some beer on a copper pan, it works well. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the beer from the pan. Besides, you can use beer on some other copper pots and things.

Tips On Maintaining Copper Cookware Properly

To manage your copper cookware properly, you can follow some tips. I bring some tips that can help you.

  • Avoid preheating: As copper has go conductive property, you should not heat copper pot when it is dry. It can melt the lining of copper pots and pans.
  • Do not scour: Do not use a scouring pad to scour a copper pan because it can remove the tin lining. During cleaning a copper pot with cooked-on food, you can soak it underwater and use dish soap. Besides, you can use a scrubber that is soft and does not harm your pan.
  • Use safe utensils: While cooking in a copper pan, you should use the appliances that are safe for it. The utensils made of silicone or bamboo are safe for copper pans.

You can use some copper pot and pans to increase the beauty of your kitchen. But they are not suitable for your health. Besides, they can look older if you do not take care of them properly. So, having copper cookware needs proper knowledge on how to clean them.


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