What Is Hand Blender

With technology steadily taking over in every industry, new products continue to be introduced to help make life not only easier but also more comfortable. With the right choice of appliances, making your favorite foods is easier than you think.

A hand blender is one of the new appliances that we cannot help but thank technological advancement for. This is a kitchen appliance that makes work so much easy and saves so much time.

With this type of blender, you do not necessarily need bulky and heavy blenders. Read along to learn so much more about hand blenders.

What Is A Hand Blender?

Also known as an immersion blender, a hand blender is a kitchen blade grinder used for blending both solid and liquid foods including smoothies, soups, and more juices. 

Unlike in the case of the common blender type, a hand blender is used to blend puree food or ingredients in the same container in which you prepared them. 

It is also known as a stick blender probably because it looks like a long stick with blades, for blending, attached to it. It also has controllable buttons for controlling its operations and customizing its use. 

Benefits Of Using A Hand Blender

There are so many benefits of using a hand blender. That is why smoothie enthusiasts now find every reason to own hand blenders even when they already have other types of blenders. Here are some of the many benefits of using a hand blender. 

Small And Portable:

Perhaps its size is the most convenient quality among its many good features. Its small and portable design will not consume so much space in your kitchen, considering most kitchens have limited space. 

So, if you are worried about space, you will be glad to have such a portable and handy appliance, and it will make your work easy. 


The hand blender is such a versatile appliance and is therefore unique that way. Besides being ideal for blending food items, a hand blender can be used to perform many other tasks including chopping food items. Whether you want to whip a quick salad dressing or make puree soup, a hand blender can do it all. You can use it to easily blend the ingredients into a smooth mixture.

Works Silently:

The noise that bulky blenders often make can be so infuriating. Hand blenders make less noise; they are almost silent. While a hand blender makes you want to take your time and do it right, noisy bulky blenders make you want to hurry and finish blending quickly because there is so much unbearable noise. 

Cleanup Is A Breeze:

Sometimes using a full-on blender can feel like a waste of time, especially the cleanup part. A hand blender is easy to clean. Judging by its simple design, you can just see that you will not need to struggle to clean it up after use. 

What Are Hand Blenders Used For/Many Uses Of A Hand Blender?

A hand blender is a high versatile kitchen appliance. That means there is so much you can use it for. Here are some of the most common functions of this blender. 

Make Salsa:

Salsa made using an immersion blender is so rich and tasty. Blending a smooth salsa with an immersion blender can be the perfect solution for you, especially if you are not a big fan of chunky food. 

Simply take a tall narrow dish and throw some onions, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, tomatoes, salt, and pepper into it and blend with the hand blender until you get a smooth salsa. Use the up-down-up-down motion to blend.


You can use your immersion blender to make the best pesto ever if you know how to do it right. Take a tall dish and toss some fresh basil leaves, pepper, garlic, and salt. Stream in a little olive oil into it and blend using the immersion blender. Use the up-down-up-down motion until you get a smooth pesto.

Making Pancake And Waffle Batter: 

If you want to make the perfect pancake and waffle batter, your immersion blender is the solution. With a plastic beaker that has a built-in spout and your hand blender, you can make a worthy, lump-free pancake batter in just about five seconds. 

It makes the best pancake and waffle batter you may be tempted to think that is what hand blenders are primarily made for. 

Can You Make A Smoothie With A Hand Mixer?

No, you cannot make a smoothie with a hand mixer. This is a common question, especially since people love smoothies. A hand mixer is purely used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients.

The good news is that hand blender is more than capable of making the yummiest smoothies, and often does this job very efficiently.

How To Use A Hand Blender For Chopping:

When you buy your hand blender, it comes with attachments, one of which is a chopper. Attach the chopper in readiness for the chopping. Whatever item you want to chop, you have to peel it first, then cut it into quarters to hasten the chopping process. Place the quarters in a small container and pulse with the hand blender chopper until you are satisfied with the results. 

How To Use A Hand Blender For Smoothies:

Immersion blender smoothies are a breakfast breakthrough. Toss some fresh frozen fruits and yogurt cubes into a beaker and add some juice to cover all the fruit. Now use your hand blender in a continuous up-down motion until you have a smoothie.

How To Use A Hand Blender For Juice:

Blend your fruits and veggies with some water in a beaker with a hand blender until it is completely blended. Then sieve it with a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth into a bowl. You will get the yummiest juice.

How To Use A Hand Blender For Soup:

To make creamy delicious soup, you simply need to blend some veggies. You can add some fruits to it to make a summer cold soup. 

How To Use A Hand Blender For Cake:

You can use a hand blender to make pancake batter. Toss the ingredients for the pancake batter into the beaker and blend continuously until you have a lump-free batter. The hand blender is so efficient it will take just a few seconds to achieve the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the work of a hand blender?

A: A hand blender is used to blend, chop, or mix food items manually. 

Q: What is the difference between a hand blender and an immersion blender?

A: There is no difference. It is one and the same thing.

Q: Are hand blenders worth it?

A: Yes, they are worth it. They are easy to use and make the blending process more enjoyable.

Q: How do you blend soup without a hand blender?

A: You can use electric blenders to blend the soup. 


Now that you know how to use a hand blender and how it can benefit you, buying it for your kitchen would be a great decision. Whether you already have a tabletop blender, you can still own an immersion blender too. It will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. 

Once you have it in your possession, you should take good care of it if you want it to last. Also, engaging it to proper use is part of taking good care of it.