How To Tell If Cookware Is Induction Ready

Induction cooking provides many benefits compared to traditional electric or gas. Induction cooking can revolutionize your cooking experience because it uses magnetic current technology to heat your cookware. This provides precise control and quick heating for easier cooking.

Induction cooking does not work with any cookware. There is certain cookware purposely made for induction cooking. So, how can you tell if your cookware is induction ready? There are different ways you can tell if your cookware is induction compatible.

Additionally, you can make non-induction cookware work with induction. Read on to find the different methods you can use to know if your cookware is induction-ready.

What Are The Symbol Of Induction Cookware?

If you want to tell if your cookware is induction compatible, it should have a symbol marked at the bottom. The symbol of induction looks like four wire loops. Alternatively, it can have the words “induction ready” if it doesn’t have the symbol. Suppose you don’t find any indication on the cookware to help you determine whether the cookware is induction ready. In that case, you can check the original packaging or visit their website to find out.

How To Tell If Cookware Is Induction Ready

How to Check Your Cookware Is Induction Ready

If you have an induction cooktop, it is crucial to ensure the cookware you buy is induction compatible. The material of your cookware is what determines if it is induction friendly. Below are some top three ways to check if the cookware is induction ready.

Magnetic Test:

This is a simple way to check if your cookware is induction compatible. Place a magnet on the bottom of your pans and pots, and if it sticks firmly, the cookware is good for induction cooking. If the magnet doesn’t stick firmly, it might not be effective for induction cooking.

NB: Even if your cookware has a magnetic base, it should also be flat to work on induction cooktops. If the cookware base is not flat, it will not be suitable for induction cooking. Only cookware with a flat base can conduct the magnetic field to heat the cookware. Therefore, if you have a wok with a magnetic base, you cannot use it on induction cooktops.

Water Test:

If a magnet is not available, you can use the water to test for induction compatibility. Put some water in the cookware and place it on the induction cooktop. If you switch the cooktop on and see an LED or LCD flash, the cookware is not induction ready. If the water starts to heat, then the cookware is induction-ready.

Induction Sign:

You can also check whether your cookware has the induction sign to determine if it is induction compatible. Today, many manufacturers include a mark on the cookware to indicate whether the cookware is induction ready. If it has a sign at the bottom, then it is induction-ready.

Are All The Induction Cookware Safe?

When choosing induction cooktops, there are different materials you need to be concerned about. Some materials are induction safe while others are not. Some of the safe cookware materials you can use for induction are stainless steel, enamel on metal, and cast iron. Unsafe materials for induction cooking include aluminum, copper, ceramic, and glass.

What Are the Difference Between Magnetize and Non-Magnetize Stainless Steel

The difference between magnetized and non-magnetize stainless steel is that the magnetic one attracts an external magnet while the non-magnetic repels an external magnet. Magnetic stainless steel has a good magnetic domain alignment, while non-magnetic has a random magnetic domain arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What Happens If You Use A Non-induction Pan On An Induction Hob?

A: If you put non-induction pans made of glass, copper, or aluminum on induction cooktops, they will not work. The magnetic field does not pass, so no electric current is generated. This makes the electromagnetic mechanism not work, so no heat is produced.

Q: Can You Use Regular Cookware On An Induction Cooktop?

A: You can only use normal cookware on induction cooktops with a magnetic flat bottom. If the cookware is made of magnetic-grade stainless steel or cast iron, it will work well for induction cooking.

Final Words

Induction cooking is gaining popularity today because it comes with many benefits. However, you need to have induction-friendly cookware if you have an induction cooktop. We have given you various ways to test your cookware for induction compatibility and other essential tips. Not all regular cookware is induction-friendly, but induction-ready cookware works with electric and gas stoves.

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