Can Induction Cookware Be Used On Gas Cooktops?

Induction cooking has changed the cooking experience for many professional and home chefs. There are so many benefits of an induction cooker like safety, durability, even cooking and a nice appearance among others.

With an induction cooker, you need to use cookware specifically made for induction cooktops. Induction cookware has a ferromagnetic unit at the base and the rest of the structure is similar to other cookware.

If you have both gas and induction cookers, you might be wondering whether you can use induction cookware on gas. The answer is yes!

Do All Induction Cookware Work Well On Gas Cooktops?

Induction Cookware On Gas Cooktop

All induction cookware works well on gas cooktops. However, there are two exceptions. If the cookware has a thin steel base. The other exception is when the cookware features a non-stick layer on the outer surface or has a sprayed magnetic layer.

Using such cookware on gas cooktops can result in toxic fumes because of the gas cooktop’s open flame. If the cookware is sprayed on the outside, the coating can melt so it can’t stay flat. This makes it unusable for induction cooktops again.

Apart from these two exceptions, you can use induction cookware safely on gas and electric cooktops.

People love induction cookware because of its versatility, efficiency, durability, and functionality. You should note that all types of induction cookware can work on any cooking surface without harming the magnetization. However, not all cookware is induction cooktop compatible.

5 Tips On How To Use Induction Cookware On Gas Cooktops

Induction cookware pans and pots are made to last long. However, their durability depends on how you use your cookware. If you are planning to use induction cookware on a gas stove, these tips can help you take care of your cookware properly.

1. Avoid Putting Empty Cookware on the Heating Surface:

Before you turn on the heating surface, ensure there is food in your induction cookware. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the cookware. Don’t wait for the pan to heat up so that you can add food. Add the food before you place the pan on the gas stove, and this will protect your induction pan.

2. Low To Medium Heat Setting:

You don’t need to cook anything on high heat when using induction cookware. The recommended heat setting is low to medium for the safety of your cookware. Regardless of what you are cooking, don’t put high heat.

3. Was The Cookware Before And After Cooking:

Wash and rinse your cookware thoroughly before cooking. You can use hot soapy water to remove grease and other stubborn stains. After cleaning, the cookware dry before cooking.

4. Let the Cookware Cool After Cooking:

Avoid immersing a hot pan in cold water because the temperature difference can make the pan warping. After cooking, let the cookware cool down completely before cleaning. You can also use lukewarm water to clean the cookware.

5. Follow Cookware Instructions:

Before you use cookware with any induction cookware on a gas stove, read the instructions first. Not all induction cookware works well on gas stoves. Using induction pans and pots on the incorrect heating surface can disuse problems.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Using Induction Cookware On Gas Stoves?

Induction cookware features quality material, and this makes it heat up fast and remain hot with even distribution on all the sides. The cookware is also corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Is Induction Cookware Dishwasher Safe?

Induction cookware is made differently from other types of cookware. They are not dishwasher safe because they have a special material that can’t handle dishwasher cleaning. So, you need to clean the cookware manually. Since they have a delicate interior, avoid scrubbing the inner surface with abrasive materials.

Can Gas Stoves Damage Induction Cookware?

Using induction cookware on gas and electric stoves does not cause any damage. However, it affects its performance in the long run.


Can you use induction cookware on gas tops? Of course, yes. Induction cookware is versatile enough to work on gas and electric stovetops.

The cookware is also durable and super attractive in your kitchen. So, if you have both gas and induction cooktops, investing in induction cookware can take your culinary experience to a higher height. 

Induction cookware is versatile and works perfectly with almost any cooking surface. Follow the above tips and your induction cookware will serve for many years.

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