How To Clean Cast Iron Cookware/Pan/Skillet & Maintain In Proper Way

Cast iron cookware is a must-have item in any kitchen. It is a real beast that can take any load and cook everything. But cleaning cast iron cookware is not only goal to keep its grim free. It’s a natural part of maintenance.

Cleaning iron pots and pans are a bit intimidating. However, still, you need to take care of this to maintain its quality and durability.

In this article, I am going to talk about all about how to clean cast iron cookware and its maintenance. Have a look below.

How To Clean Cast Iron Cookware

How To Clean Cast Iron Cookware/Pan Or Skillet?

Cast iron cookware required some extra care to keep up their health condition and long lifespan. Some people might think the additional works are a hassle. But that is not always true unless you how properly cast iron skillets could be clean and maintain. To make it easier, here are some simple steps to follow. Such as,

Wash The Cast Iron Before And After Usage:

Your brand new cast iron pan needs to wash incorrect manner by hand. At first, take a few drops of liquid soap on your wet sponge and make foam. Now rub the foam all over the pan for a while. Soon rinse it thoroughly.

This method applies to new, unused pans to used pans. If you finished cooking, then unclean skillet can be washed in this way. You can use dishwashing soap also rather than the liquid.

If your pan has burned or stacked food on the surface, then use a pan scraper. Also, boil some water into the pot for 5 to 10 mins to help loosen the food. Once the water is cold, use the tool or dishing sponge to remove all the dirt.

Dry After Cleaning:

After washing now, it’s time to dry the pan. Use a plain clean kitchen towel, paper, or cloth to dry it properly. Wipe the entire water top to bottom thoroughly. It’s absolutely of if there is some greyish residue come on your towel.


Please take a few drops of cooking oil on a clean tissue and rub it on the surface of the cookware. You can use seasoning oil also instead of that. The oil will help the rest of the dirt come out from the pan. Rub the oil until nothing comes off from it.

Not only your new iron pans or pots, but you can also use all the methods for cleaning grill pans, Dutch ovens, bake-ware, etc.

Cleaning A Rusty Pan

The above techniques are useful to follow for a standard cast iron pan. But what about the rusty old pot that you have in the storage, or you got from the sale? Well, we have a solution for that too. Read on to learn more.

Scrub & Rub:

Take steel wool and start cleaning your rusty pan with soap and warm water. Soap is important here to get rid of maximum gunk. When you think you are done, wash it thoroughly. After that, take a kitchen tissue to dry it properly.

Oil it:

Now again, take little amount oil and rub it onto the entire pan, inside and out. You can use your hand or extra tissue to do that. Please don’t take too much oil; otherwise, it will be too sticky and hard to handle.

Bake The Pan:

Now it’s time for baking. Yes, you need to bake the oiled pan in 450 to 500 F. Before that place baking sheet or aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven rake. Now place the skillet upside down in the high rack.

You need to bake it for at least 45 to 60 min. We are aiming for the classic black patina hue. Most of the pans get the color at this time. If your one is still not there, repeat this baking for another 20 mins or more.

How To Take Care Of Your Cast Iron Cookware: Tips & Tricks

Besides the cleaning you need to take some extra procuration while using any cast iron cookware such as,

  • Remember three easy steps taking care your any cast iron cookware- Wash, dry, and oil. 
  • Use acids carefully. Like if you add any sour liquid-like, lemon juice, orange, tomato anything applies it in the last stage and cook for a limited time.
  • Don’t use metal wool or brush unless you are removing the rust. 
  • Store your clean skillet in a dry and cool place. Before that, dry it thoroughly. Dump conditions can develop rust on the surface.
  • When re-season uses kosher salt with oil to heat, it will help with better with scrubbing.
  • Don’t buy any unseasoned cast iron pans and pots.
  • Use unsaturated fat or oil to season the pan. You can use flaxseed, grape seed, canola, or any vegetable oil for the job.
  • If possible, dry your wash pan in the stove by heat it up for 1 min.
  • Use your cast iron pan or pot once in a day, if possible. Constant use is the primary cure of it to prevent rust. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Can iron skillet soak for long?

A- Cast iron skillets should not be soaking in water; otherwise, it will develop rust. 

Q- Which soap is suitable for cast iron cleaning?

A- Any dishwashing bar or liquid soap is suitable for this job. A little amount of detergent is ok, but using too much will dry the layer.

Q- How to treat the dry the iron pans?

A- Use a generous amount of oil so season it. 

Q- Are large iron skillets are dishwasher safe?

A- Nope. Cast iron cookware should clean by hand. 

Final Thoughts:

Using a cast-iron skillet is helpful. If you use it continuously, the possibility is it will be suitable for a long time with the right maintenances. But still, an accident happens. Your skillet may get rust due to over-soaking, the lake of usage, or for other reasons. If so, deep clean and season it thoroughly. Seasoning, reasoning, and heating are the primary cure of it. Also, follow the instruction given above on how to clean cast iron cookware and stick with it regularly.

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