Stainless Steel Vs Nonstick Cookware: Which One Is Better?

Stainless steel vs. nonstick cookware- the debate is never going to end. Stainless steel pots are mostly seen used in restaurants, eateries kitchens. It is lightweight, durable, and reasonable in cost. 

On the other hand, a nonstick set is long-lasting, easy cooking and cleaning but a bit pricey. Both the applicant has amenities and some inconvenience. The user has to choose which one is perfect for his daily food. And this is also true that proper maintenance also expands the lifespan of the cookware. 

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What Is Stainless Steel Cookware?

Stainless steel is constructed with adding nickel and chromium, which makes it corrosive protective. The ratio of nickel and chromium is 18:10, the most popular combination. It is durable and doesn’t change mixing with food. But stainless steel is not heated protective. So, another combination of materials has developed. Aluminum and copper made clad pot is heat resistant and suitable for oven cooking.

What Is Nonstick Cookware?

Nonstick cookware is the most used pan and pot in the home for flexibility and easy cleaning. The coating applied makes a nonstick called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It is also known as Teflon. Teflon is a chemical of fluorine atoms and carbon. And it protects from burning food. However, nonstick is considered safe cookware. It’s because a harmful acid, Perfluorooctanoic (PFOA), is no longer used for coating anymore.

Amenities Of Stainless Steel

We suggest looking at the different factors of stainless steel before purchasing. It is right in many ways. But how perfect it’s as user’s demand only they can decide. So, have a glance at the facilities below:


High-quality stainless steel cookware could last for a long time. The multi-ply or three materials combination stainless steel is considered perfect. This fully clad pan is heat resistant. The coating of copper or aluminum covered from the bottom and both sides of a pot.

No Acidic Reaction:

This is one of the safest cookware foods that don’t get acidic or harmful for health. Though it is made with copper, chromium, nickel, etc. but fewer chances of food reactive. Even the acidic food like sauce, lime fish recipes also can cook here.

Low Maintenance:

Thankfully, it requires little maintenance. The cleaning of this pan and pot is easy. After cooking, soak it in the water with the dishwasher for a while. Then quickly and smoothly remove the fast food. Otherwise, a user doesn't need to take any extra care.

Shiny Look:

Stainless steel cookware looks very polish and glossy all the time. A mirror finishing look and the deep pan are decorative for dining and kitchen. This super look can exist for a long time through moderate level usability.

Stainless Steel Vs Nonstick Cookware

The Inconvenience Of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has some disadvantages besides facilities as well. Look at those factors below:

Poor Heat Resistance:

Stainless steel has inferior heat resistance. So, foods can burn for overheating. Encapsulated base stainless is bed choice because the coating only applies to the bottom part. But fully clad stainless is better because the conductive layer lays both sides and bottom of a pan. So always buy Multi-Ply stainless steel.

Sticky Food:

As it has inadequate heat protection, foods stick during overheating or fewer oil uses. Rubbing hard or using a rough sponge for cleaning can affect scratch on the pot.

Amenities Of Nonstick Cookware

Non-Stick cookware is getting popular among people for plenty of facilities. Even the set looks stunning and stylish. So, let’s have a look at the right sides below:

Require Less Lubricant For Cooking:

In nonstick tools, the dish is easy and comfortable. The unique bottom coating bottom of the pan protects from stickiness. So, it doesn’t need much oil or butter during cooking. Thus, it promotes healthy food cooking on it.

Scratch Resistance:

Usually, food doesn't get stuck or burnt in this cookware. So users don’t need to fight to dispel fast food. Cooking, frying in low oil is effortless with it. And it is easy to flip, stirred during cooking. We advise using only wood, plastic, or silicone utensils for mixing against this cookware.

Easy Cleaning:

Everyone knows cleaning nonstick cookware is super easy. A simple dishwasher and a soft sponge only need to clean up it. Because of the coating, the pan is already oily and doesn't require any rough sponge.

Durable And Reasonable Price:

If the layer on the bottom pans high quality yet durable, the cookware can last long. Minimum maintenance of this cookware can provide excellent services and exists long. However, nonstick is available at various prices. So, anyone can afford it.

Inconvenience Of Nonstick Cookware

There are some disadvantages too. Before purchasing this cookware, a user should be conscious of it. So, let’s have a look at the inconvenience below:

Toxic Food:

During manufacturing, nonstick PFOA is used, which makes food toxic. It is harmful to health and can suffer a human body long term disease. So, try to buy this cookware, which is PFOA free.

Incompatible For Oven:

This cookware is not highly heat resistant. The coating can melt up to 400F. So, its’ not compatible with an oven or microwave.

When You Should Use Stainless Steel Cookware: 

  • Medium and high heats, searing, deglazing, browning, crisping, Sautéing (use proper amount of oil or butter).

When You Should Use Nonstick Cookware:

  • Low and medium heats, eggs, crepes, pancakes, delicate fish fry, when you want to cook something with less or no oil or lard.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q: How do I know which nonstick is PTFE free?

A: The non-stick set is advertising PTFE free, and it is only coated with Teflon. 

Q: Is Teflon Harmful for health?

A: Teflon is a brand name of PTFE, which is used for layered nonstick set, and it is not harmful. 

Q: What Is a Multi-ply Cookware Set?

A: The stainless steel is made with copper or aluminum, or both materials are called Multi-Ply. 

Q: Is it healthy to cook in stainless steel cookware?

A: It is safer than other food reactive cookware.


The age-old debut in between every cook about stainless steel vs. nonstick cookware will remain in the future too. Both the cookware is excellent and suitable for any kitchen. No cookware is without its inconvenience. Ceramic, copper, iron, etc. also have disadvantages and health issues. It depends on the cook or chef what type of food he wants to cook. Not every kind of food cooked on specific cookware. We think for the stock, soup, and deep frying stainless is better. For frying fish, raw meat, eggs, nonstick is the best.

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