Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel Pan – Which One Is worth More

Carbon steel vs. stainless steel pan which one would excellent for your kitchen? Many chefs or homemaker always think of this question. Before answering this question, we have to see what your concern about! Is it a health issue or looking for perfect cookware that cooks everything? 

Both the pan has two sides’ advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel is suitable for frying fish, steak and omelet and stainless steel is for soup, stock etc. All these cooking pans are safe to use, and no harm lies for health. 

However, discussing the other side of the skillet, we recommend buying a full quality product. Good quality means solid materials and efficient construction, low maintenance and long-lasting. Apart from this, read the info below for more knowledge and making a choice.

Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel Pan

What Is A Stainless Steel Pan?

Stainless steel cookware is robust, heat resistant and considered a healthy applicant. It is prospered through time and demand. Mainly this cookware is three types. Fully clad stainless steel is ideal, and it is perfect heat resistant. The cookware is entirely coated with copper or aluminum or both.

The encapsulated base is another sort of stainless steel. The layer only coated on the bottom of a pan. So, it is partial heat resistant but not compatible for oven baking. No conductor stainless steel is the cheapest and poor construct, and thin cover.

What Is A Carbon Steel Pan?

A carbon steel pan is quite similar to a cast iron pan. In this cookware, iron is used 99% and carbon only 1%. Whereas cast iron carbon used 2-3% and the rest of the materials is iron. The carbon steel pan is considered an alternative to non-stick cookware.

It doesn’t have any toxic materials like nonstick. Even it has nonstick pan features. It is compatible with induction, oven and best for frying, baking, and cooking.

Advantages Of Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless steel is nice, shiny and strong cookware. The modern design and construction enhance its usability and duration better than old time. So, the amenities are discussed below:

Heat Absorption:

Tri-Ply or full clad stainless steel pan is the best cookware for heat resistance. It protects the full pan from overheating. Besides, this set is compatible with an oven as well.


This type of cookware is pretty and has a very attractive look. If this cookware can be maintained with care, this can remain new always.

Easy Cleaning:

Add enough oil while cooking. So food won't get stuck, and it will be easy to remove dirt from the pan. For removing sticky food, soak the pan in detergent water and gently rub with a soft sponge.

Reasonable Cost:

A stainless steel pan is found at a reasonable price. It is not so costly. Various prices are available in the market. Anyone can buy within their budget.

Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Pan

Despite building with efficient materials, it has some poor factories as well. This also should be taken into consideration.


On stainless steel pan scratch can easily appear during cooking, stirring, and cleaning. So, it's better not to use rough sponge during cleaning. And also, avoid high heat and low oil for frying.

Sticky Food:

Any type of cooking can be done in stainless steel, but food can be burnt or stuck for careless. Frying fish, making steak is a bit complicated in stainless steel.

Advantages Of Carbon Steel Pan

Carbon steel cookware is popular and seen to be used in restaurants and home kitchens. Here we look at the benefits of this cookware below:

Natural Nonstick Pan:

This type of pan gets nonstick featured through multiple uses. Proper seasoning and few uses make it nonstick. It means cooking is easy, and food doesn't get stuck.


The carbon steel pan is long-lasting. This cookware can be used generation to generation. The color can be changed over time, but it won’t break at all. Even maintenance is also easy.

Heat Tolerance:

This cookware has high heat tolerance. The materials or the cookware won't be affected by high heat. This cookware is also ovenproof. But use hand gloves to take out pot or pan from the oven.


The materials used to build the cookware are iron and carbon, but this isn't heavy at all. It is lightweight and easy to move. The carbon steel pan is thin and comfortable to cook on it.

Disadvantages Of Carbon Steel Pan

Downsides of this carbon steel are also common. Few disadvantages are seen and how serious it depends on the users. So, let's have a look at the inconvenience below:


Cheap quality carbon steel pan built with low materials and thin. That cookware can be bent, or the joint can be unattached. This type of pan is not compatible with induction. So, buy the right quality cookware.

React On Acidic Food:

Acetous food like vinegar can remove the natural nonstick coating. Acidic food should not be cooked on this pan. Like tomato soup or lime fish. Otherwise, the natural surface could break down.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: Is a stainless steel pan dishwasher safe?

A: Stainless steel is dishwasher safe, and it is not harmful to use a dishwasher.  

Q: Is a stainless steel pan compatible with an oven?

A: Heat absorption highly constructed stainless steel is ovenproof. 

Q: Is it considered healthy to cook on a carbon steel pan? 

A: No harmful materials are used like nonstick pan to build it, so it is considered to cook healthy.

Q: Does a carbon steel pan get rustic? 

A: Less seasoning and using the pan can get rustic quickly. 

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Both carbon steel and stainless steel pan are perfect in their place. Regardless of the downsides of the cookware, these are most popular and usable. Even the price is also fair and requires low maintenance. 

On the other hand, the cons of cookware are quite manageable. However, we suggest keeping both of the cookware for your kitchen. These are useful and compatible with different types of cooking. But if you are asking for specific cookware recommendations in carbon steel vs. stainless steel pan, we think carbon steel is the right choice.

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