How To Clean Hard Anodized Cookware

People are now widely using hard anodized cookware. If you want to use hard anodized pots and pans for a long time, it is essential to learn how to clean hard anodized cookware exterior and interior properly.

Some particular advantages of anodizing pots and pans make them so accessible. When you cook in a hard-anodized pot, it distributes heat to all parts uniformly. So, it takes less time to cook food.

Besides, hard anodized cookware is not harmful to your health because it converts aluminum pots safe for food. However, cleaning this cookware is simple, but you need to learn the proper way.

How To Clean Hard Anodized Cookware Exterior

Hard anodized cookware is the cookware that goes through the anodization process to make metal cookware harder and safe. You can easily clean this type of pots and pans. However, the coating of hard anodized cookware makes it durable. Aluminum pot can contaminate your food. But when it is hard anodized, its’ coating saves the food because it cannot get contact directly to aluminum. Dirty kitchen tools are annoying. Your cookware can be dirty with cooking stains and oil. Let’s see how to clean hard anodized cookware exterior.

Take The Right Ingredients And Cleaner

Selecting the right ingredients is a crucial matter to clean anodized pots. Always avoid harsh and scratchy scrubber. Otherwise, your pans or pots can be discolored. Besides, avoid any chlorine bleach to clean your cookware. The best cleaning things are warm water, mild dishwashing soap. To scrub the pans, use soft sponge and cloth. Do not use any cleaning solutions that are for household works.

Use Baking Powder

As hard anodized cookware has pore. So, you cannot use steel scrubber to remove the exterior stains. You can make a paste with baking powder and water. Then apply it on the stained exterior of the cookware. Then use a cloth to rub the stains.

Soak The Cookware With Water And Soap

It is another good idea to soak your anodized cookware in water and soap. Keep it for a few minutes. Then start your cleaning. It works well for exterior stains. To remove the burnt stain, you can use a scouring agent. Then clean it with clean water and dry it properly.

How To Clean Hard Anodized Cookware Interior

Many users want to know how to clean hard anodized cookware inside. It is also essential because it helps them to avoid health problems. However, you can follow the tips below to clean the inside of the cookware.

Wash Your Cookware Before Every Use

If you are going to a new hard anodized cookware, you should wash it before using it. It would help if you soaked the cookware in warm water. Mild dishwashing soap is also good to use. Then wash the pan and use it for cooking foods.

Clean The Cookware After Every Time Use

If you do not clean your non-stick cookware after every time of use, you will find some grease in it. It is also true for your anodized pots. So, after cooking food, you should wash your cookware correctly. But during washing, avoid too hot water because it can damage the non-stick coating.

Soak The Cookware In Water And Soap

To clean food-stained cookware, you should soak it in water. You can use some soap in the water. Then let it for 20 minutes. It is better to use warm water. Later try a soft scrubber to clean the dirt. Wash it with clean water and let it dry.

How To Clean Burnt Hard Anodized Cookware

You may think cleaning a burnt hard anodized cookware needs extra efforts. But it is not valid. If you know the proper trick, you can clean your pot easily.

To clean a burnt hard-anodized pot, you can simmer the pot in water for 30 minutes. It helps you to get out of the cooked food stains. Then let the pot be cold for 20 minutes. The clean it. However, you can do it step by step.

Clean The Outside

To clean the burnt stain from outside of the cookware, you can use a scouring agent. It will be work better if you mix some baking, scouring agent, and water to make a paste. Then apply it on the outside of the pot. Now rub the mixture with a soft brush or a dishcloth. Wash the dirt with warm water.

Clean Inside

To clean inside of the burnt pan and pot, take hot water and soap. Then soak the pan in it. It will loosen the food stains. Now take a dishcloth and clean the inside part to remove the stain properly. It is not a good idea to put hard anodized cookware in the dishwasher. It can discolor or damage the coating of the pot.

Clean Stubborn Stain

To clean stubborn stains, you can simmer the pot with water and mild soap. Please do it for 20 minutes. Then use a gentle scrubber to remove the stains. Wash it properly and let it dry. It would be best if you started to wash after cooling the pan. Do not scrub a hot pan.

Besides, avoid using baking soda directly to clean hard anodized cookware because it can damage the coating.

Cleaning hard anodized cookware exterior and interior needs a little bit more care. You cannot treat your anodized non-stick cookware like the usual cookware. You cannot put this cookware in the dishwasher. Besides, while using a soap or detergent, you should be careful.

The anodized pot cannot bear the water pressure and detergents. So, the non-stick coating can be gone away or severely damaged. And when the coating goes, the cookware becomes unsafe for your health because your food can directly touch the aluminum. For this reason, you should be very conscious while cleaning hard anodized cookware.

However, hard-anodized pots and pans are very much popular for its non-stick and heat conductive properties. Proper cleaning increases the life span of it.

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