Steam Juicer Vs Juice Extractor

Between a steam juicer and a juice extractor, which one should you choose? Before you decide which one is right for you, it is good to understand each in detail.

A steam juicer operates by using hot water and pressure. The two are used to yield juice from the fruit or vegetables.

On the other hand, a juice extractor forces fruits and vegetables by using a filter, producing all the liquid on a period.

Which one should you purchase? The article describes both juicers, and the importance of each to help you decide which is right for you.

What Is A Steam Juicer? 

A steam juicer can yield juice from just anything. Fruits, vegetables, even those with leaves have the compatibility of being extracted by a steam juicer.

The core benefit of this equipment is that you do not have to remove the outer cover of most fruits or vegetables before adding them to the machine for extraction.

In addition, because it operates by using steam, not heat, it prevents the vitamins and nutrients from being ruined.  

You must follow the manual that comes along with the equipment when you purchase. The manual helps you to have enough knowledge on how to work with the steam juicer.

Operating a steam juicer requires extra care. You have to ensure that the fruits and vegetables are slashed into small, adequate portions for crushing. You should also ensure you clean the machine well after use. 

A steam juicer has its advantages which include;

  • It does not need the use of electricity. It means that it is flexible to be used even in the most remote areas. You can also use it when you possess an RV, and you do not need to rely on electrical tools for your cooking needs. 
  • A steam juice is portable; you can easily carry it around. 

Steam juicers are all made with similar characteristics. They are all made with a boiling bower that heats the ingredients and makes the juice. 

After the juice is made, it is drained from the steam juicer by using a spout or tube. As a result, the juice made will have more fibers and pulp to enjoy.

If you do not have issues with pulp, a steam juicer is the best. 

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Juice Extractor Meaning

This is a machine used to yield juice from fruits, herbs, leafy greens, and other kinds of vegetables in juicing. It presses, grinds, and squeezes the juice from the pulp. Different types of juicers can also work as food processors. 

In splitting the pulp, juicers focus on the nutrition naturally present in fruits and vegetables. It allows the body to suck up the food then digest the solid output quickly.

The application of juicers also makes it easier to feed on rawer crops. Some juicers made of twin gear perform an extra job of breaking down herbs and spices and away with pasta. 

What Is Juice Extractor?

It is a small piece of kitchen equipment used to yield juice from fruits and vegetables that are fresh from the farm. A juice extractor produces the most amount of fluid from fresh products.

It also can remove the pulp. The machine separates the juice from the solid part of the pulp of most fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs.   

Comparison Between Steam Juicer & Juice Extractor


Steam Juicer

Juice Exractor


You can swiftly move it around your kitchen and house.

It is not flexible to move around.


Steam juicers have fair prices; they are between $20 and $100, depending on the model you want.

Juice extractors are pretty expensive. They go for $100 and above. However, they include a few accessories when you purchase juice extractors, so you do not have to buy them, e.g., straws.

End Results

Steam juicers provide juice that is not clear. If your motive is a healthy diet, then you can opt for a steam juicer.

It extracts the possible juice. In addition, it can handle frozen produce, which steam juicers cannot.

Cleaning and care

You must ensure you clean it thoroughly after every use. A steam juicer can be washed in several minutes because it consists of removable parts.

A juice extractor is very sensitive and needs more care.


A steam juicer is equipment put together of heat and pressure. It is used to extract juice from various ingredients.

A juice extractor, like the name suggests, extracts juice from raw foods like fruits and vegetables.

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Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Which Is Better, A Steam Juicer Or Extractor? 

A: A steam juicer is better because it is less expensive, and you can use it when you do not rely on electricity for kitchen electric appliances.

Is A Juice Extractor The Same As A Juicer? 

A: A juicer is a tool that is mainly used to yield juice or extract citrus fruits. The juice extractor, on the other hand, can get juice from citrus fruits and vegetables, seed, skinned fruit juice. 

What should I Look For In A Juice Extractor?

A: You should focus on key considerations like the simplicity, speed, efficiency, warranty, and reliability.

How Much Does A Juice Extractor Cost?

A: Roughly, they go for $100-$2000 depending on the make and brand you desire. 


Picking the best kitchen appliances from the market is always hard for everybody. It would be best if you had informed accurate ideas concerning different equipment's.

The article has categorized and broken down different meanings of steam juicer and juice extractor.

Study shows that steam juicers have fair prices. But juice extractors are pretty expensive because they come along with all parts used in extracting juice. 

Both can grind and process all types of fruits and vegetables. You have to wash the ingredients before adding them to the steam juicer or the juice extractor.

For the steam juicer, you do not have to peel the fruits or vegetables. Both are easy to clean and use; you have to follow the manual and understand everything about the equipment.