5 Best Blenders Under 50 For 2024 – In-depth Reviews With Buying Guide

A blender is an essential kitchen appliance you need in any modern kitchen. When shopping for blenders, people believe that expensive models are always the best. That is true because high-end blenders have great features but that doesn’t mean lower-priced blenders are not worth it.

If you need a blender for simple blending tasks, the best blenders under $50 will work amazingly well. Such affordable blenders are great if you are new to blending, you blend less often, or simply need a budget-friendly blender. In our reviews and guide, we have covered top 5 blenders under 50 bucks and some tips on how to buy the right one.

How Will Cheap Blender Perform? 

Before you buy a particular blender, it is good to determine how you intend to use the appliance. If you need a blender for simple blending duties, then a cheap blender will suit your needs. cheap blenders work well if you are not planning to do heavy-duty blending. They also have the most basic features you need for the price.

If you want to use your blender regularly for heavy-duty blending like blending leafy greens, frozen fruits, or grinding nuts, then a cheap blender will not work well. Cheap blenders are not designed with powerful motors, and if you use them for such recipes, you will not get the right texture. Therefore, before you purchase a blender, always know how you want to use it.

Why Magic Bullet Blender Is Our Best Overall Choice?

The Magic bullet is an all-purpose lender that can mix, blend, chop, grind, whip, and much more. The small blender comes in handy when you are in a rush and need to carry your treat with the convenient flip-top to-go lid. The cost-effective blending machine is to use and clean.

It features a 250-watt powerful motor base that provides the necessarily blending power to create your smoothies and other meals effortlessly. The blender also includes a recipe book to help you start making some delicious snacks, desserts, or appetizers. 

The blender doesn’t handle ice and frozen fruits perfectly. So it is good to use fresh fruits and vegetables when making smoothies. Alternatively, you can allow your frozen fruits to thaw a little bit before blending them. Overall, this is a recommended blender for the price.

Quick Summary

  • Magic Bullet Blender - Best Overall
  • Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender - Best For 3-in-1 Functionality 
  • Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender - Best For Food Processing
  • PopBabies Personal Blender Smoothie Blender - Best For Traveling
  • Ninja Blenders-Countertop - Best For Food Processing

What Should You Consider While Buying A Blender Under $50

It is good to do your research thoroughly before buying a blender under 50 bucks. You will find many cheap blenders but not all offer reliable operation. The following are some things that should guide you to picking a budget-friendly blender.

1. The material:

Just like other kitchen appliances, it is good to check the construction of the blender. What is the material used to make the different blender components like the control panel, base, blade housing, and collar? Metal blenders are recommended, and if you choose plastic, ensure it is high-quality plastic. If you buy a blender with cheap plastic construction, it will most likely wear out quickly.

2. Plastic Or Glass Jar:

Plastic jars are the most common in many personal blenders. If you choose a blender with a plastic jar, ensure it is BPA-free. Glass jars are also great but the price difference between plastic and glass blenders is not that much.

3. Power:

For a budget of 50 dollars, you do not expect to get blenders with power above 1000 watts. Most of these blenders have 700 watts of power which can handle a wide range of blending tasks. Such power might not be sufficient if you need to blend fruits directly out of the freezer or turn ice into snow.

Always know how you want to use your blender so that you can get a quality blender with sufficient power. If you need a blender for making morning smoothies, affordable blenders can work well. However, if you blend kales and other leafy green frequently, then a powerful blender is required.

4. Sound:

Nearly all blenders produce noise during operation but the level of noise varies depending on the blender’s motor. Luckily, small blenders have relatively small motors so they don’t produce much noise like the big blenders. You want a convenient blender that enables you to prepare your favorite smoothies without bothering people around you.

5. Cleaning:

After using your blender, you should clean it right away. Most blenders regardless of the price are easy to clean. Check whether the parts of the blender are dishwasher safe or whether you can clean it easily with soap and water. You can easily clean your blender by blending water and dish soap and then rinse it under running water.

6. Maximum Capacity:

The blender capacity is also another purchase decision you should make.it is good to pick a blender of the right capacity to suit your blending needs. The optimum capacity you should choose depends on whether you want to use the blender for large family smoothies or individual use.

7. Quality Lid:

The lid is another essential thing you should check when buying a blender. You should choose a perfectly fitting lid to ensure no splatter or leaks take place when blending.

8. Blades:

The blades are an integral part of the blender so you should choose wisely. The best blades are made of stainless steel for durability, reducing health hazards, and ensuring they are corrosion-resistant. 

9. Recipes:

Some blenders include a recipe while others do not. If you are starting your blending journey, look for a blender that comes with a recipe. This will give you a good starter guide when making your smoothies. 

10. Warranty:

A quality blender should be accompanied by a long warranty from the manufacturer. If you find a blender that comes with a warranty of less than a year, stay away from such blenders.

Recommended Blenders Under $50 Detailed Review 

While you can spend hundreds of dollars on a blender, the taste of your smoothies will pretty much be the same. These are many affordable blenders that provide reliable and efficient performance. Check their exceptional features and benefits below. 

1. Magic Bullet Blender - Best Overall

The Magic Bullet blender is a great addition if you need a small blender without spending much money. This blender does the job amazingly well when making your favorite shakes and smoothies. It has a small design so you can use it on your countertop or store it in a cabinet after use.

The Magic Bullet package includes several items like the motor base, cross-blade, tall cup, party mug, short cup, resealable lids, lip rings, and a 10-second recipe guide to help you get started. The blender cups are made of quality impact-resistant plastic for durability. You can do a wide range of tasks with this blender like mix, blend, chop, grind, whip, and much more.

It has a powerful 250 watts motor base that is ideal for blending most of your ingredients. You can make smoothies, dips, sauces, and omelets. However, if you compare the blender’s power to the NutriBullet 900W blender, the 250 watts power is not sufficient enough to handle tough ingredients like frozen fruits or ice.

Using the blender is easy because you just need to put your ingredients in the cup. Next, twist its blade, put the tabs on line, and then place it on the motor base. After blending, achieve quick cleaning by rinsing it with soap and water. The blender cups are dishwasher safe and you should put them on the top rack.

The blender features two blade attachments for various functions. It has a flat blade that works well for spices and coffee beans. It also features a cross blade for handling fruits and vegetables. This beautiful blender comes in silver and black colors. Its main material is plastic so it doesn’t feed sturdy and durable enough. But for the price, that is something you should expect.

What Are The Drawbacks We Found?

This blender is not right for you if you need more power and flexibility when making smoothies. It doesn’t work well with ice and frozen fruits so it will struggle to give you an even texture. While the blender makes some noise, it is relatively quiet compared to other machines. If you also intend to make large batches of smoothies, this might not be the blender for you. Lastly, it contains many plastic parts so you don’t expect it to last longer.


  • Compact and easy to take on the go
  • Nice personal blender at an affordable price
  • Easy to use and cleaning is effortless
  • Comes with a recipe book and other accessories
  • The blender provides multi-purpose use
  • Great for making smoothies on the go


  • You cannot make large smoothie batches
  • More plastic parts so it doesn’t feel durable
  • Not good for handling tough ingredients
  • It cannot blend hot food

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I blend ice cubes with this blender?

This is a good blender but it is not powerful enough to blend frozen fruits and ice cubes. If you crush ice often, it is good to look for another option that can handle ice crushing perfectly.

Does the blender puree vegetables?

Yes, it does. I have used it on squash, carrots, and cucumber and it works amazingly well. 

Are the parts of the blender dishwasher safe?

The cups of the blender are top-rack dishwasher safe. I prefer washing the blade and the blender parts by hand.

2. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender - Best For 3-in-1 Functionality

Prepare your favorite smoothies and margaritas with the Hamilton Beach blender. this is an affordable and powerful 700 W blender that can blend, shred, mix, chop and mix with ease. The versatile blender comes with a food processing attachment for slicing chopping and shredding a wide range of ingredients. It also has a 40 oz jar and a 20 oz travel glass jar.

Buying this blender gives you 3-in-1 functionality. You can make single batches with the personal blnde4 with the 20 oz BPA-free jars with a to-go lid. It also makes large batches with the 40 oz jar or uses the food processor unit for shredding and chopping.

The blender utilizes a wave-action system that pulls the mixture down continuously into the blades to give consistent results. The blender is equipped with a unique no-pouring spout that provides mess-free pouring. Therefore, you can pour your smoothies clean with little drips.

Cleaning your blender after every use is recommended to prevent bacteria development. The Hamilton blender is easy to clean because everything apart from the motor base is dishwasher safe. You can remove the blades, jars, bowl, and lids and achieve quick cleaning in the dishwasher.

What Are The Drawbacks We Found?

Removing the blade for cleaning is easy. However, assembling the blade after cleaning is difficult. Additionally, the blender’s blades are not sharp enough for liquefying your ingredients. The blender also features a poor quality plastic product that you use to push the ingredients to the shredder. It also feels a little unstable because it shakes when blending. 


  • The parts are dishwasher safe
  • The blender has a power 700 W motor
  • It provides 3-in-1 functionality
  • Easy pouring without messes
  • Quiet and easy to operate 
  • It provides smooth and consistent results
  • Equipped with a BPA-free glass travel jar with a lid


  • Hard to assemble the blade
  • The jar is easily prone to stain
  • The blades are not sharp enough
  • It shakes when blending

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the jars made of glass?

The main blender jar is made of glass. However, the food processor container and the travel jar are made of BPA-free plastic.

I broke my food processor attachment. Can I buy the unit separately?

No, the food processor and the blender come all in the set.

Are all the parts of the blender dishwasher safe?

According to the blender’s booklet, all the components of the blender are dishwasher safe. You should avoid using them in the SANI cycle because high temperatures can damage them.

3. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender - Best For Food Processing

If you need a powerful and budget-friendly blender, the Oster 6812-001 is a good pick. This blender makes your prep work and smoothies easy. It features a 700W motor that provides enough blending power for your ingredients. the strong power moves your ingredients down to the blade to provide smooth results. Additionally, it features multiple speeds to allow you to choose the right consistency you need. The blender features stainless steel construction so you expect it to last longer as compared to blenders with plastic construction.

Apart from blending, it can crush ice, shred, mash, grind, frappe, and liquefy on the high setting. On the lower setting, you can chop, whip, stir, blend or puree. It has a 2-ounce filler cup with built-in markings to help you pour the correct amounts of ingredients without guessing. After preparing your ingredients, the blender has a clean setting and pulse.

It features a crush pro 4 blade that provides strong and durable blending. The blade crushes ice effortlessly, and it also works with other ingredients perfectly. You can choose from the multiple speed options depending on your ingredients. the glass jar is also dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

The Oster blender has a uniquely designed and durable metal drive that offers outstanding performance compared to plastic drive systems. The metal drive has been tested to blend 10,000 smoothies. It also carries a ten-year warranty so you can be sure you have a quality product.

What Are The Drawbacks We Found?

With its good features and benefits, the blender has some drawbacks. The motor heats up even if you use it occasionally. It is also not strong enough for mixing anything. Instead, it produces a buzzing sound which is pretty annoying. The motor is also powerful when new and it slowly starts to die. After three years of use, the motor gets too weak. Lastly, the blades do not last long.


  • It provides a powerful blending
  • You can choose up to 16-speed settings
  • Made of a durable metal drive
  • Dishwasher safe glass jar
  • It offers smooth consistency
  • Durable blade for exceptional blending


  • Motor power reduces with time
  • The blender is noisy when mixing
  • The blades do not last longer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the blender jar BPA-free?

Yes, the glass jar is made of BPA-free materials for healthy blending.

How does the blender work with veggies?

The blender works well with small batches of veggies but you need to add water or any liquid for easy blending.

Can I get a replacement glass jar?

Yes, you can. You can visit Oster website and you can also find the blender's replacement parts on Amazon.

4. PopBabies Personal Blender Smoothie Blender - Best For Traveling

You are not limited to making smoothies with the PopBabies Personal Blender. This personal blender helps you enjoy tasty and healthy drinks while on the go. You can carry it for travel, office or home use. The blender is small but powerful enough to blend 1-inch ice cubes, frozen fruits, and vegetables. 

It has a maximum power of 175 W, which is enough power for making smoothies on the go. The blade of the blender is made of 304 stainless steel for durable use and corrosion resistance. The 4-leaves blades do exceptionally well in crushing hard and soft ingredients.

The blade has a unique design, which is children and TSA-safe. You can also travel to different countries with the blender without stressing about the plugs. The blender comes with a funnel and a small ice cube tray. The ice cube tray is essential because using the normal ice cubes can damage the motor.

Filling your ingredients is easy because the portable blender has a wide mouth. Additionally, the funnel makes putting your ingredients hassle-free. You can blend while the blender is charging. It can blend more than 20 times per full charge.

The cup detaches from the motor easily so you can drink your smoothie conveniently. After blending, you don’t need to transfer your smoothie to another cup. This minimizes cleaning and messes when pouring. It has little measurements to help you know the amount you are drinking. Cleaning the blender is easy with soapy water. Blend the mixture and rinse.

What Are The Drawbacks We Found?

This blender is only suitable if you need to make small amounts of smoothies. If you need larger batches, it cannot serve your needs well. After using the blender for some time, it starts to leak below the blades. The blender also doesn’t work for long, it can stop working after some time. It is also hard to clean because running the blender on clean water alone is not enough.


  • The blender is easy to use
  • Comes with a funnel and a small ice cube tray
  • Allows you to enjoy smoothies on the go
  • A full charge provides plenty of blends
  • Easy to detach the cup from the motor
  • Safe for worldwide travel
  • Powerful enough to crush small ice cubes and frozen fruits


  • It doesn’t last long
  • Not good for large smoothie batches
  • Leaks below the blades
  • Cleaning is not easy as advertised

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the blender loud?

The blender is not loud when operating. It produces appropriate noise in regards to its size.

Can I make ice coffee with the blender?

The blender can crush ice so it will work well to make ice coffee.

Is the portable blender easy to clean?

Cleaning the blender is easy. Simply detach the bottle from the point it charges to achieve quick cleaning.

5. Ninja Blenders-Countertop - Best For Food Processing

Enjoy convenient blending and chopping with the Ninja 400-Watt Blender. It is powerful enough to handle frozen blending. The blender comes in two jars and they are of the right size. Operating the unit is easy since it features touch pulsing that provides safe use. The package includes a 48-ounce pitcher, 400W power pod, chopper bowl, stacked blade assembly, chopper splash guard, blade chopping assembly, and pitcher splash guard. 

With the large-sized pitcher, you can make large batches of drinks at a time. This is great if you are making smoothies for your family. The pitcher has a flip pour spout and nonslip bottom to provide minimal spilling. It also has an ergonomic construction for safe use.

You can interchange the motor head to make your foods in the food processor or use the pitcher when preparing drinks. The food processor can chop, mince, blend or puree without creating a soggy mess. The blender and the food processor use a unique blade technology to provide uniform crushing and cutting. 

Cleaning is hassle-free because the parts are dishwasher safe. Avoid putting the powerhead in water or other liquids. If you need to clean it, simply wipe it clean.

What Are The Drawbacks We Found?

The blender is great but the motor stops working after a couple of uses. For you to get a replacement using the warranty, you need to pay a fee. The blades are super sharp so you need to handle them with care to avoid cuts. The design of the motor is great but the pitcher is not because it cracks after a short period. Lastly, the lid is built-in in a way that makes cleaning hard.


  • Great for smoothies and cutting vegetables
  • The blade locks perfectly
  • It mixes perfect well
  • Provides thick and consistent smoothies
  • Powerful enough to break ice
  • Provides quiet operation


  • Motor dies after sometime
  • The pitcher has a poor design
  • Cleaning is hard

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the blender make green smoothie?

Yes, it can. I have used it to make banana, kale, spinach, and frozen berries smoothies, and it works fine. 

Can I use the small container for single smoothies?

Yes, the small container works well like the bigger one. You can use it to make single smoothies without issues.

Can the machine blend dry food into flour?

Yes, I have used it to blend peppers and onions, and it works fine.

Final Verdict

If you love making homemade smoothies, a blender will make your work easier. With the many types of blenders available, it is good if you know how you intend to use the blender. we have given some top budget-friendly blenders under 50 that work well without compromising on quality.

If you need a compact blender for making smoothies on the go, the small Magic Bullet blender is recommended. The blender is convenient to use and provides hassle-free cleaning. It is also multi-purpose so you can use it for different tasks like grinding, blending, mixing, and chopping.

Our number two recommendation is the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender. This blender has several functions for making smoothies, shakes, ice crush and puree among others. It has a 700W motor that offers consistent and smooth results. You can make single batches, large batches, or use the food processor with its 3-in-1 functionality.