What To Do With Pulp From Juicer – 12 Creative Ways Explained!

If you started juicing at home, congratulations on the smart move! Juicing is one of the great way to boost your nutrition. But what will you do with the leftover pulp? Do you just throw it away?

As you know, juicing at home is a huge investment so you need to get value for your money. While you can’t drink the pulp, it is full of nutrition and there are so many ways you can include it in your diet plan.

If you are not sure what to do with the leftover pulp, I will share with you some creative ways you can make good use of the pulp.

1. Add To Smoothies:

When making your breakfast smoothie, you can try adding some pulp to the blender. not only does this give your smoothie texture and flavor but also makes it thick.

Additionally, the pulp contains fiber so you get extra nutrients in your smoothie to help you feel full longer.

Therefore, you will not need to take some snacks between meals.

2. Making Ice Cubes:

Drinking water is essential to keep our bodies hydrated. However, plain water is not motivating to drink.

You can spice it up by making ice cubes with pulp and this gives your water a nice fruit flavor and extra nutrients.

Simply put the fruit pulp in your ice cube tray, add water and then freeze to get fruity ice cubes.

3. Soup Broth:

Do you love making your own broth? If so, you can make good use of fruit pulp. You can choose to use the fresh or frozen pulp for your soup broth but make sure you thaw it before cooking.

When making vegetable broth, adding fruit pulp gives it a nice flavor and many health benefits.

You can use this broth as a base for your stews or on its own. You only need the vegetable pulp, salt, pepper, water, and spices. 

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4. Pancakes:

Make tasty and healthy pancakes with fruit pulp. You can prepare the pancake batter with the pulp to add a nice fruity flavor and also give it texture.

The fruit pulp also adds some moisture so you don’t have to use many wet ingredients.

5. Scrambled Eggs:

If you love making scrambled eggs for breakfast, this is a good opportunity to make good use of fruit pulp.

Put the pup in the eggs and scramble to enjoy a nutrient-packed breakfast.

6. Making Popsicles:

You can make your 'pulpsicles' using fruit pulp. Simply sprinkle some fruit pulp in the popsicle molds and then pour the juice.

Adding pulp to the popsicles gives them good texture, flavor, and nutrients.

7. Use It As A Dip:

If you would love to increase your vegetable intake, don’t throw away fruit pulp after juicing. Use the pulp to make a dip for serving with your raw vegetables. 

8. Homemade Granola:

If you love making homemade granola, you can add some minerals, vitamins, and fruity flavor by adding some pulp.

For every three cups of oats, add a cup of pulp to enjoy healthier and fruitier granola.

9. Baked Foods:

Enjoy healthier baked foods by adding your fruit pulp. The pulp provides extra liquid so you don’t need to use more fat to keep your recipe moist.

10. Veggie Burgers:

Adding pulp to your homemade patty can be great in your homemade burgers or fritters.

The pulp from cucumber, carrot, spinach, and beet adds a nice flavor and it helps the burger maintain its shape. 

Additionally, the pulp adds some nutrients to your veggie burgers.

11. Make Dog Treats:

If you can’t take the pulp yourself, then you can make some dog treats, and your best friend will enjoy it.

You can mix the pulp in their meals or choose to make homemade crackers, and your furry friend will love it.

Note that some vegetables and fruits can be toxic to dogs. Therefore, do not include them in their treats.

They include apple seeds, grapes, and onions, which are poisonous to dogs.

12. Compost:

The fresh pulp can be a great addition to your compost bin. It gives the soil essential nutrients to enhance the healthy growth of mycorrhizal in your garden.

However, you should not just dump the pulp there. Stir the pulp, and this will prevent attracting bugs or pests and it also promote decomposition.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What Should I Do With Leftover Pulp After Juicing Carrots?

There are several ways you can use the pulp after juicing carrots or beets. The pulp comes in handy when making veggie burgers, raw cake, salad, soup, and crackers. 

Can I Eat Pulp After Juicing?

Juicing allows you to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. While the juice contains more minerals and vitamins, almost all the fiber is in the pulp.

You can use the pulp in your smoothies, pancakes, and scrambled eggs among other uses we have covered in our guide.

Does Pulp Contain Any Nutrients?

Even if you have the most powerful juicer, it cannot take all the minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

There will always be some left behind in the pulp. Additionally, the pulp is rich in fiber which is great for controlling blood sugar levels and managing weight.

Can I Drink Carrot Juice With The Pulp?

You can but it might not be very appealing. The best thing you can do is to juice the carrots and then use the pulp to make carrot cake recipes or muffins. 

How Can I Use The Pulp From A Juicer?

If you are juicing vegetables like carrots, celery, garlic, or onions, you can turn the pulp into a flavorful vegetable broth. Cook the pulp in a pot, add some olive oil, fresh herbs, spices, and some cups of water until the mixture boils.


Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your body more nutrients. If you understand how you can use your leftover pulp, you can juice conveniently without minding about waste.

There are endless ways in which you can use pulp after juicing your fruits and vegetables. Be adventurous with your recipes and add some creativity, and you will never have to throw your pulp away.

I hope this article has inspired you on various ways you can use the leftover pulp.