Braiser Vs Dutch Oven – Which One Is Better For You?

A Dutch oven and braiser perform almost the same functions and this is why they are used interchangeably. Many people don’t understand that these two are different types of cookware with different functions. So, do you need a braiser, Dutch oven, or both? We will look at the difference between the two, their features, uses, and benefits. This will help you decide which one you need.

What Is A Braiser?

It is a long-established shape mainly designed with a broad base and shallow sloped sides. A braiser is a versatile piece of cookware, and its applications become used for multiple recipes. Most braisers have a make of cast iron, which becomes the best for searing and then maintains a steady temperature for simmering. 

The exterior design of the braiser includes a more significant percentage of the handles that provide a secure grip, even with the oven gage. It consists of higher-ranked heat distribution and retention of the material used, for example, "le Creuset" enameled cast iron. Braiser’s consist of an upgraded sand-colored interior enamel with even more opposition to wear. 

Most people use braisers because of their tight-fitting lid. It holds in meat to assist the process of tenderizing challenging pieces of meat. A braiser gets used for a dish like pork chops in wine. You can also use braise vegetables in a braiser. 

Features Of Braiser 

  • It consists of enameled cast iron which provides high-ranked heat distribution and retention.
  • It is always ready for use, and seasoning is not essential. 
  • It does not have problems when cleaning, has a durable material that keeps it away from staining, dulling, scratching, and getting damaged. 
  • A braiser has light-colored smooth interior enamel, which allows easy observation in the cooking process. 

What Is Dutch Oven

It is a heavy-duty pot with a lid structured for frying meat and vegetables and simmering on the stovetop or braising inside the oven. A Dutch oven also gets used for soup and more accessible jobs, e.g., boiling pasta. Often, you can use it for baking bread. A Dutch oven has different brands which are the best; they include; Staub and Le Creuset. 

Dutch ovens have similarities with stick pots. However, they have broad bases and slightly shorter but thicker walls. These features allow for the best browning and scorching of elements and properly maintain heat. A Dutch oven also doubles as serving pieces that ensure food is warm while on the table. 

They become made of materials of stainless steel and ceramic. Often, they are made out of solid cast iron. The cast iron can become hot and maintain suitable temperatures, making the Dutch oven heavy to carry. Most Dutch ovens get made to handle family-sized batches. 

They're also small sizes made for two people and are available for great choices if you are in the market for a second Dutch oven. People use Dutch ovens because of how heavy they are. The solid material helps it maintain and distribute heat at an even temperature for a long time. 

Features Of Dutch Oven

  • It is cylindrical
  • It consists of heavy depth cooking pots with tight-fitting lids, which can be used on a range top or in the oven. 
  • The ceramic material provides constant and directional radiant heat to the food cooking inside.  
  • A Dutch oven cooks perfect meals.
  • It has thick walls.
Dutch Oven

What Is The Main Difference Between A Braiser And A Dutch Oven?

The main difference is while a braiser gets used for simmering foods in small portions of liquid or even in their juices, a Dutch oven gets made for soups or stews that require cooking the ingredients with a lot of liquid. Dutch ovens are made of higher sides and can carry much food, while braisers are made of short sides and hold less food but are the best for frying food. 


Dutch Oven

It is made from cast iron coated with a pretty enamel coating.

It is made from seasoned cast iron or enameled cast iron.

It has lower sidewalls arch into the base of the pan.

A Dutch oven consists of tall sides that can either be straight or curved.

The shape of the braiser is round.

The shape structure of the pot can be either round or curved.

The base of the braiser is generally flat. Therefore, you cannot use it for bonfires.

The bottom is flat and may have legs for an outdoor bonfire.

It has two handles on both sides that are wide enough for gripping the weight and the size of the pan.

A Dutch oven can consist of handles or wire bail handles that assist outdoors on campfire flames.

The size of the braiser is more petite, ranging from 2 qt to 6 qt.

The size of Dutch oven scopes from 1 qt to 17 qt.

The lid on top of a braiser is solid and tight to fit. Spikes do not accompany it.

The lid on top of the Dutch oven is tight; in this case, it consists of spikes and nodules on the underside of some covers that are not useful for self-basting in the process of cooking.

Its cooking area size has shallow sides that control down the amount of liquid content inside it. You cannot cook stews or deep fry inside a braiser.

A Dutch oven is helpful for all cooking styles, like deep frying, roasting, among others.

When Should You Use A Braiser

You can use a Braiser for dishes like lamb shanks, chicken cacciatore, and pork chops in wine. It can be used for both browning and simmering the food. It can also fry donuts, prepare fried chicken, fish fillets, and fries. 

  • It is used for cooking tough pieces of meat. 
  • You can use it to maintain flavors in your dishes which prepares you for a great experience. 
  • It also keeps the moisture within the pan, which means your food maintains the humidity as well.

When Should You Use Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are great for making stews, sauces, soups, braises, or other moist-heat cooking techniques. It can prepare a casserole or a whole chicken. You can use it to brown meat and vegetables and let them simmer away or put your pot in the oven to end the cooking process. 

  • Making bread is among the easiest ways to use a Dutch oven.
  • You can use it to braise meat.
  • A Dutch oven can be used for skillet cookies.
  • A Dutch oven is the best for searing meat at high temperatures and controlling low and slow temperatures for long periods. 

So Which One Should You Buy Or Do You Need Both 

Braiser’s and Dutch ovens are both made of the same material. However, a braiser consists of a very different shape. Braisers are better for searing and browning than a typical Dutch Oven. On the other hand, Dutch ovens are the best for simmering tough pieces of meat and veggies or making soups and stews. 

The Dutch oven gets used to steam your foods or when you require to use more liquids. A Dutch oven can be used when you need an all-purpose cooking pot. It is best to make soups and stews. Both are good tools and are loved by people for preparing a wide range of dishes. 

You can buy both, but you should go for the Dutch oven when you have a budget for one. It consists of more strong material and should give a wide range. But if you feel like the majority of your dishes can be best prepared by the braiser, then you can purchase it. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Is a braiser the same as a Dutch oven? No, they are not the same because the braiser has a very different shape.

Q: Can I use a Dutch oven instead of a Braiser? A Dutch oven can be used partly for a braiser, but a braiser cannot replace a Dutch oven.

Q: Can a braiser be used for a skillet? Yes, because a braiser can fry, sauté, cook food placed on the stove pot just like a skillet can do.

Q: Is a Dutch oven-good for braising? Yes, it can be used because of its heavy bottom and the lidded pot.

Q: Do I really need a Dutch oven? Yes, it would be best to have it because it is an essential kitchen tool, ideal for braises, stews, and chili.

Q: What can I use instead of a braiser? A rimmed baking page, a cast-iron skillet, and an enamel-coated braiser pan.

Q: What size braiser should I buy? A 3 ½ to 4-quart braiser if you always prepare meals for almost six people. You can purchase a 5 quart if you prepare meals for more than six people.

Q: Can you cook rice in a braiser? Yes, you can.


You can get a braiser for your first piece of cast iron and get a Dutch oven for stewing and soups. Opting for a Dutch oven is a safe choice and the best one. Dutch ovens and braisers have similar price points. According to your preference regarding the kind of meals you prepare and your family size, you can either use a Dutch oven or a braiser. Both of them will serve you well and perform a perfect job. 

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