Steam Juicer Recipes 

A steam juicer is a stack of three nesting pots that uses steam to extract juice from fruits or vegetables. The top pot has a colander where you put your fruits or vegetables.

The middle pot has an opening at the middle to allow steam to pass to the top and a reservoir to tap which has a pipe and a clip that holds the juice until you tap it out. The bottom pot holds water that boils to release steam.

Using a steam juicer is fast, and easy and you require little prep work. It is a good option if you need to prepare large patches of fruits. The process also takes less time compared to other juicing methods. Below are some popular steam juicer recipes.

1. Steam Juicer Plum Juice Recipe:

You need fresh plums for this recipe. Wash the plum and staff them in the top pot of the steam juicer. Fill the bottom pot with water and place the steam juicer on the stove to boil.

Make sure the clip is closed to avoid leakage and mess. Drain the juice in clean containers until all the juice has been extracted from the plums, approximately an hour.

The plum juice can be used to make plum jelly, jalapeno plum jelly, plum sorbet, plum popsicles, or freeze the juice into ice cubes.

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2. Steaming Apple Juice Recipe:

Apples have different levels of sweetness or tartness. They produce good flavored juice and you can mix different types of apples like gala, honey crisp, pink lady, granny smith, and cameo.

To make the juice, wash the apples thoroughly and cut them into cubes. This increases the yield of the juice produced. Put water into the bottom pot, and place the middle pot on top of it.

Fill the pieces of apples into the colander pot and place it on the middle pot and cover the steamer. Heat the steamer for the water to boil with high heat then reduce the heat for it to simmer.

Frequently check the level of water to prevent it from drying up. This could damage the steamer. After a while, collect the juice from the reservoir through the pipe. Be careful because the juice is steaming hot. Collect the juice in clean cans, this could take one hour depending on the type of apples used.

The mushy steamed apples could be used to make applesauce by passing them through a food strainer. The applesauce can be made into fruit leather by dehydrating it.

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3. Steam Juicer Vegetable Juice Recipe:

This juice is mostly tomatoes but you can add other vegetables to add flavor. The leftover steamed vegetables are used to make rich and juicy tomato paste.

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Use tomatoes as the main ingredients and add a bit of onion, carrots, cabbage, garlic, celery, green bell pepper, broccoli, and parsley.

Wash all the vegetables thoroughly, cut the tomatoes into quarters and chop all the remaining vegetables into small pieces.

Set up the steamer as per the manufacturer’s instruction and add the vegetables to the steamer basket and cover it.

Make sure the drain tube is closed. Drain off the juice for up to one and a half hours. Make use of the steamed vegetables in making tomato paste.

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4. Steam Juicer Mango Juice Recipe:

Wash the mangoes nicely and slice them into pieces removing the seeds. Use fresh mangoes to have a great yield.

Arrange the steamer as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the mango slices into the steamer basket and cover.

Collect the juice in clean containers being cautious of the hot juice. The juice is rich in vitamins without any pulp or fiber.

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5. Steam Juicer Strawberry Juice Recipe:

Strawberries are good for making juice and jam. The process is very simple when you use a steam juicer.

To make the strawberry juice, slice the strawberries in half after washing them the staff them in the steamer basket. You may add a sweetener like honey, maple, or agave.

Cover the juicer and allow the berries to steam. Collect the juice into clean jars and allow it to cool. Instead of disposing of the leftover pulp, use it to make fruit leather, add it to other smoothies and juices or freeze it into ice cubes.

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A steam juicer produces very fine juice that is free from fiber or pulp and is more concentrated. Steaming fruits and vegetables is a way of preserving them.

It is very simple to use a steam juicer and the procedure of making juice from different fruits and vegetables is generally similar. 

Though the juice is fine and pure, some of the vitamins are lost when the fruits or vegetables are heated. The above are some popular steam juicer recipes you can easily prepare at home and enjoy great-tasting juice.