Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware – Everything You Should Know

If you need nonstick cookware for your kitchen, you can choose either granite or ceramic cookware. Granite and ceramic cookware have many similarities because they are both good-looking and work well in preparing different meals. 

While the cookware future different constructions, the two types of cookware have similar durability, cooking performance, and safety. However, ceramic cookware has better heat retention and they come in different color variations. In this guide, we will help you choose between granite cookware vs ceramic cookware.

What Exactly Is Granite Cookware

What Exactly Is Granite Cookware

This is a type of enamelware that is mainly made of carbon-steel core and porcelain enamel. While it is called granite cookware, the pans and pots are not made of granite. The name is a result of its similarities with granite.

Granite cookware is great because it has many benefits. Compared to cast iron, granite cookware is not prone to rusting. It has porcelain enamel which is safe for cooking acidic foods without compromising the smell or flavor of your food.

Additionally, granite cookware is not made of harmful elements that can affect your health negatively. It provides fast cooking because of the aluminum or carbon-steel core. It is also lightweight compared to cast iron and features a smooth cooking surface that provides easy cleanup.

While it has many benefits, granite cookware also has some drawbacks. For instance, you cannot use it on a glass stove. The cookware also requires careful handling to prevent destroying the enamel coating. While granite cookware is termed as nonstick, some users still experience food sticking.

What Exactly Is Ceramic Cookware

What Exactly Is Ceramic Cookware

This cookware has been in use since 1960. This type of cookware is safe to use than Teflon cookware. However, FDA reports say that the previous versions of ceramic pans and pots contained lead which is harmful. The good news is that today’s ceramic cookware is made following the requirements of the FDA, which makes it safe for daily cooking.

The variations of ceramic cookware you can find include:

Ceramic-coated cookware- This is a type of ceramic cookware with an aluminum bottom and a ceramic glaze coating. 

Solid ceramic cookware- The cookware is made using clay and water mixture which molded and baked in kiln to make it harder. After that, it is passed through glaze to give it a smooth nonstick surface.

Ceramic cookware has many benefits because it does not contain chemicals. It has a quality nonstick coating that makes cleaning easy. The cookware is also lighter compared to cast iron for easy handling. You can also cook nonacidic foods on ceramic cookware because it doesn’t react with your food. You can get the cookware in various designs and colors to match your kitchen needs. the cookware also has superb heat conduction and provides quick heating.

The disadvantage of ceramic cookware is that it cannot withstand cooking on high heat. Coated ceramic cookware doesn’t work well with metal cooking utensils. Therefore, you need to use wood or plastic utensils. Lastly, the cookware is subject to chipping.

Differences Between Granite And Ceramic Cookware

While there are many similarities between ceramic and granite cookware, there are also some differentiating factors. Below are the differences between the two cookware.

1.Nonstick Capabilities

The main things that many people consider when buying cookware is nonstick performance. If you invest in quality ceramic or granite cookware, you can be sure of a quality nonstick surface. Both provide a great nonstick surface that prevents food from sticking and lead to healthy cooking. While both cookware has a great performance, solid ceramic has better heat retention even when you turn the heat off.


Cleaning ceramic or granite cookware is easy. Granite cookware is more dishwasher friendly than ceramic cookware. Even though many manufacturers claim their ceramic cookware is effortless to clean, hand washing is recommended to maintain its beautiful look for many years.


Both cookware seems to be great when it comes to durability. you need to be careful when using them because they can chip if you drop them. Again, using metallic utensils can compromise the performance of the nonstick surface. If you expose the coating to high heat, it can also get damaged. Taking proper care of both ceramic and granite cookware can make them last for many years.


Many people are concerned about nonstick cookware because of safety reasons. No one wants to get nonstick cookware that contains PFTE, lead of PFOA. These are harmful chemicals that cause adverse health conditions. Both cookware do not have these chemicals, and this makes them healthy for cooking. Before you purchase, ensure you check if the cookware is labeled PTFE, PFOA, or lead-free.


Apart from performance, you also want nice pans and pots that improve the look of your kitchen. Ceramic cookware is aesthetically looking compared to granite cookware. If you need a wide range of colors to choose from, then choose ceramic cookware. Granite cookware is limited in the available colors.

Is Granite Cookware Better Than Ceramic

Choosing between granite cookware and ceramic can be tough because they are similar in many aspects. They have the same durability, performance, and safety. It also depends on your specific needs when choosing between the two. For instance, if you need heat retention, solid ceramic cookware is the best pick. If you need different colors, get ceramic cookware. And if you need durable cookware, both of them hold up pretty well.


Nonstick cookware makes a great addition to any kitchen. Not only does it make cleaning easy but leads to healthy cooking because you only need to use less oil. If you want to upgrade your Teflon-coated pans and pots, granite or ceramic cookware can be a great alternative. Both cookware provides versatile cooking and they have a lot in common. We have given you a detailed guide on ceramic cookware vs granite cookware to help you decide which is right for you. Choose the most suitable cookware based on your personal preference. 

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