What Is Waterless Cookware & How They Work – Detailed Guide

Waterless cooking has been the home of perfect meals since the 1930s. This method is touted as one of the greatest kitchen innovations because it allows you to enjoy more nutrients from your food. Waterless cooking is all about using the pre-existing steam in your meal instead of extra fat or water.

Most companies are now investing their capital in cutting-edge waterless cookware brands, and don't be surprised seeing one with an adjustable steam valve.

So, would you love to find about what is waterless cookware and how to use one? Stick with this guide to the end, and you'll gain more insight into the topic.

What Is Waterless Cookware & How They Work

What Is Waterless Cookware?

Waterless cookware is ideally a common way of cooking that does not add water or fat to the pan. It has a steel cooking surface where you can prepare your favorite meals without greasing. This method ensures that you cook dinner using low temperatures.

The tight lid produces natural steam, which pressurized the pan. This pressure causes the meals to cook at a lower heat, just like it would without a cover. You can also define it as pressure cooking. The method can cook meals faster using high pressure or using a pressure cooker.

We can say the most significant advantage of waterless cookware is cooking food without adding water or fat. This way, the food will retain more nutrients than when cooking with the regular cooking formulas. 

Waterless Cookware Brands

Many cookware brands specialize in the same technology, but we will put across some of the best. We have chosen Maxam as the best waterless cookware set after extensive research. 

Maxam KT17 Waterless Cookware Set:

Maxam is not only the best cookware brand but gifts your cookware set with many pieces. It has 17 pieces in the primary set, and there are all purposely designed for waterless cooking. You'll like the carefully crafted lids that fit on each pan or pot. Every cover comes with a steam valve technique to control the moisture and the level of heat.

The entire set is made of aluminum with some layers of stainless steel, which makes it durable. These two metals are critical but play quite different roles. While the steel is responsible for making the set safe for cooking, the aluminum ensures a uniform distribution of heat.

Other Waterless Cookware Brands:

You should not disparage the marketing info that most cookware brands give, but you should be careful to take the information with a grain of salt. Most of these brands focus on their products' market value rather than giving the scientific approach of waterless cooking. 

It is ideal to choose some trusted brands like the Calphalon set or Maxam set over VapoSeal or KitchenCraft. The most significant advantage of the Calphalon and Maxam set is their numerous pieces and the stainless steel that keeps the entire set in good condition.

How Does Waterless Cookware Work & How To Use Waterless Cookware?

The mechanism of waterless cookware is very straightforward. It operates by converting the steam present on the meals into moisture, which cooks your food. It would help if you were vigilant when choosing a specific cookware brand because the lid design plays an essential role in waterless cooking. Let's check out how the method works in a simplified version.

  • It used the water present in the food by converting it to steam, which cooks your meals.
  • Waterless cooking is all about utilizing low temperature to make the food ready, just like cooking food without a lid.
  • The rim design is critical for forming steam between the lid and the pan. The mechanism here is that the moisture will move upward and then backward to the food steaming it faster with a low temperature.
  • Most of the waterless cookware is designed with an aluminum base to ensure maximum heat retention. Also, the core is designed from iron for a uniform heat transfer.
  • The cookware surface is crafted from stainless steel to protect the food from unwanted reactions.
  • You must feel the food to the lid's level to release more steam, pressuring the food for rapid cooking.

How To Use Waterless Cookware?

It is not rocket science to cook with waterless cookware. Most scientists say that this cooking method is by far the most comfortable and reliable way of cooking. Below is the full guide.

Step 1: Let's assume you want to prepare chicken pieces with some vegetables. You don't have to grease the chicken because the cookware has a modified heavy plate on the bottom that helps to spread out heat uniformly.

Step 2: The chicken sticks will brown automatically, and the best part is they will automatically turn when browned on all sides. Add some salt for seasoning tasting.

Step 3: Place some veggies on top of the chicken on the same pan and cover with a lid. The most fantastic magic is closing the steam valve and the lid and not forgetting to reduce the heat. Let the whole content simmer at a low temperature. 

Step 4: Don't open the lid to check if the food is ready. By opening the lid, you'll be releasing the moisture is critical in cooking the food.

Step 5: The food is not burning or boiling. It is only simmering, and in about 15 minutes, you can take out your chicken veggies and enjoy them while hot.

Benefits & Disadvantage Of Waterless Cookware


  • Most brands are of high quality, with many pieces for fully clad cookware.
  • Waterless cookware is stackable and allows you to prepare multiple meals simultaneously on one burner.
  • The steam valves whistle when it's time to reduce the heat.
  • Most brands come with a stainless-steel construction that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Waterless cookware ensures your meals cook evenly with the aluminum and copper surface.


  • Most waterless cookware brands are expensive.
  • The plastic knobs are fragile and cannot last long.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: What is the best waterless cookware?

A: Maxam KT17 is the best waterless cookware set because it comes with more pieces and stainless steel that makes it durable. Calphalon Classic is also reliable cookware.

Q: How do you cook rice in a dry pan?

A: Use the typical ingredients, and if you are cooking 3 cups of rice, reduce the oil to 2 teaspoons. Don't open the lid, and your rice will be ready in 7 minutes.

Q: Is waterless cookware worth it?

A: Waterless cookware is ideal for preparing high nutrient meals because it does not add fat or water to your food. Besides, it will give you an alert when it's the perfect time for reducing heat.

Q: What does waterless cookware mean?

A: It means cooking food without adding water or greasing. Waterless cookware generally uses steam and a low temperature to prepare food.

Q: How do you clean waterless cookware?

A: You should first warm soapy heat water with either a sponge or a soft cloth and dishwashing. It is ideal for cleaning the cookware after every use.


Waterless cookware is the best method of preparing meals without adding water or fat. The method produces meals with a better nutrient count. Once you understand the mechanism of a waterless cooker, it will be hard to make a shift. 

The cooker will perform almost all the tasks for you and alert you when the meals are ready. Although the cooker isn't a requirement, you can make it a perfect option and think of getting one for the family.

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