Stone Cookware Pros And Cons

Stone cookware has become more common in our homes. The stone or granite-coated cookware has a base material constructed using crushed stones. The coating may contain either ceramic, granite, diamond, marble or ceramic materials. Most of the inner base coating is non-stick that contains either aluminum or stainless steel material.

The pros and cons of this cookware are associated with two aspects; the material used for manufacturing and the stone clay type. Once you understand the two, you will be able to make the correct choice for your cookware.

Pros Of Stone Cookware

The following are some of the advantages of using stone cookware.

1.Fit For Human Use:

Human safety always comes first before purchasing any cooking product. Stone cookware is free from any harmful chemicals like Teflon, a compound that contains POFA. This chemical causes liver disorders, reproduction, and liver issues. In addition, the cookware is free from heavy metals that cause health issues. The outer coating contains rock dust and porcelain, so no cases of toxicity.

The stone cookware does not release any excess minerals that could lead to over-consumption of minerals. In addition, it is non-reactive so, food will not react with the inner coating to toxify food. Food will not stick while cooking with or without oil.

2. Even Distribution Of Heat:

Stone cookware has either stainless steel or aluminum base materials. Aluminum cookware is the best in even heat distribution offering perfect cooking, especially to professional chefs. On the other hand, stainless cookware has poor heat distribution making it less recommendable. When purchasing these products, always check the base material, be it aluminum or stainless steel.


Stone cookware is free from rusting issues and flaking problems that reduce the lifespan of cookware products. However, you should avoid putting cold water while the stone cookware is hot, as this will decrease its durability. The cookware is also resistant to scratches by metallic utensils. Always go through the manufacturer's recommendations for any set of stone cookware.

4. Ease Of Cleaning:

The stone cookware is dishwasher safe. You will have an easy time cleaning. You only require lukewarm water plus soap and a nylon pad to scrub any leftovers. However, it is good to avoid regular dishwashing to avoid abrasions by the dishwasher soaps. In addition, avoid washing using a metallic scrubber to prevent scratching the cookware surface.

5. Elegant Design:

Stone pots and pans are available in different colors and designs. It makes them highly attractive. They are the best to offer as a gift.

6. Lacks Hotspots Problems:

Stone cookware distributes temperature evenly on the surface to prevent hotspot areas. It helps you to cook your food safely without burning.

Stone Cookware Pros And Cons

Cons of Stone Cookware

With the many positive aspects, stone cookware also has its drawbacks. They include the following:

Quite Expensive:

Stone cookware is a bit expensive compared to other stainless steel cookware and non-stick cookware. It is due to the high-quality make and the elegant design.

Not Fit For High Heat:

The stone coating weakens with the use of very high temperatures making them decrease their lifespan. You, therefore, need to use a medium to the high heat of about 400 F while using the stone cookware.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is stone or granite cookware better?

Answer: Yes, stone cookware is the best option. The reason, it has a very durable material that will serve you for a long compared to other non-stick cookware. Second, it is very safe for human use since it contains no toxic metals. 

In addition, it does not react with any food making the food healthy. Granite cookware comes in elegant designs that are very attractive. Always use a favorable temperature when using your stone cookware for it to last long.

Are stone pans good?

Answer: Stone pans are great. They are non-stick so, you will only need to put little oil for your cooking. The non-stick coating also makes them easy to clean. Stone pans are lightweight for easy handling during cooking. They are also durable hence are worth your money. Stone pans are oven safe and produce excellent cooking performance.


Knowing all the pros and cons of stone cookware, you can now go for one without worry. The pros outweigh by far the cons making them the correct choice for your kitchen cookware. Although stone cookware is expensive, they are worth investing in them. There are several cookware designs with different attractive colors in the market. 

Once you get one, ensure you follow all the necessary precautions to increase their durability. Use the correct temperature while cooking with stone cookware. In addition, ensure you use the recommended materials as well as procedures while cleaning the cookware. It will help to maintain your product in good condition for a long time.

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